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  1. I have two brand new, still in the box Big jon Manuel down riggers, paid $500 selling for $300. email if interested [email protected]
  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I can't wait for soft water to return.
  3. Great job Frank you are a true sportsman, seeing all those happy faces and reading your report put a smile on my face. you helped make great memories for all.
  4. thanks for the report hope to get to caseville this week,never been there before should be fun.
  5. good job thanks for sharing.i need to get up that way and give it a try:thumb:
  6. good job on the eye's!:thumb:i'll be there friday and sunday will post a report good or bad.
  7. great report never been to Qsee will have to venture that way for something new.
  8. good job on the fish hope to get out soon,was set too go today but fishing partner bailed at the last min.
  9. nice job on the fish and thanks for the report.hope to get that way soon.
  10. Thanks for the help .next question is what color of flys should I make .I'm new to this don't want to get the wrong color mylar .trying to keep cost down
  11. been reading the posts about making flys,i'm going to give it a try.cant find the supplys to get started.can someone recommend a good website/company to get the mylar from.
  12. good luck and keep us posted when you have some free time your going to have a busy winter.
  13. i could not agree more sherman i've never had a bad trip to cabelas,on the other hand the first thing the dear wife wants to do is carry the credit card i dont think she trusts me!
  14. thanks for the reply supertramp the model # will help greatly,picked up rods last yr for walleye fishing i guested on the number and of course i was wrong .had to drive back to cabelas on my next weekend off to exchange them,which is always a bad thing according to my dear wife!
  15. salmon assassin i'm looking to get ugly sticks for my downriggers could you plz tell me the model # of the rods it will keep me from guessing.and buying the wrong stuff. thanks
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