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  1. Aaron will be having an open house at the store this year. Date Hours 9/17 9am-7pm 9/18 9am-5pm Here is his post on the topic: Storewide Savings!! -Huge savings across the entire store! Best prices of the year on Rods and Reels, Tackle and Equipment for all types of fishing! -Save big on Guns, Ammo and Holsters and let our knowledgeable staff help you with any questions you have in our firearms department! Traxstech Days- April 17th-18th -Best deals of the season on Traxstech Mounting Systems! Jeff Miller the Owner of Traxstech will be here to answer questions about how to set your boat up for Salmon Trolling on the Great Lakes! -We will have several boats on site with Traxstech Track and Rod Holders mounted on them. Feel free to bring your boat down if you would like help with layout of tracks and rod holders and have your questions answered. Questions/Answers with Tournament Fisherman We will have the Top Tournament Fisherman on hand to help with all your questions about anything related to Salmon or Walleye Fishing! Door Prizes and Giveaways! The more you spend the more entries you get into our door prize drawings! Enter to win Gift Cards, Fishing Tackle, Rods and Reels and More! Plus we will be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes from the following manufacturers! Traxstech Fish Hawk Okuma Big Weenie Church Tackle Dreamweaver And Many More!! You won't want to miss out!! No Purchase Necessary to enter drawings! There will be lots more going on both days!! You won't want to miss it!!
  2. Aaron is in the process of planning another open house for 2015. This one will likely be over a Friday and Saturday. It will include speakers on salmon fishing, boat rigging, turkey hunting, and CPL info. If you have a topic that you'd like more info on let him know or message me on here.
  3. Aaron and Joel will be having an open house this year instead of the show. The store has added quite the selection of firearms. At present they also have a good selection of ammo. This includes reloads in bulk for 9mm, 40 SW and 45 ACP. Cheap way to buy target ammo. The open house will be April 25th and 26th. It will include give-a-ways and deals on tackle like the previous years. Stop in and check it out.
  4. I've got a pair of Costas. They are absolutely awesome. Lakeshore has a whole display of them.
  5. I use Star Brite with PTEF as others above. Works very well and seems to lift grime and minor stains. Wet the deck, apply Wash, work in with deck brush. Then let it set a bit and finally wash off. I resort to soft scrub w/bleach on tough stains like baked on fish blood. I've been hesistant to apply any wax to the deck since I want as much traction as possible. As a side note my boat has bad hard water spots at the end of the season that I always struggle to get off. A detailer told me to try small amounts of Sno Bowl gel(toilet cleaner). Soft brush on and wash thoroughly. Worked great and gave a fresh surface to apply new wax. Hope this helps.
  6. Chris and Kenny from Canvas Innovations do great work. They have helped me with some resews and such. They make kick butt trolling bags as well.
  7. I went to the township meeting with a group that hunts Lake Mac. There was good hunter participation and a lot of camo in the room. A retired DNR officer spoke against the proposal citing that in his 20 some years of monitoring the lake he had only given one citation. That was for a loaded firearm in a boat. Also mentioned was that there have been no hunting related accidents on the lake and many spoke as to the very limited time that hunting actually occurs. The aforementioned sailboater spoke. He voiced his fear of being shot by duck hunters on Chip point while sailing down the channel connecting Big Bay to the main lake. Others also had saftey concerns. Others simply voiced anti-hunting sentiment. Your opinions can be submitted via the following link: http://www.parktownship.org/2013/02/27/dnr-public-hearing-lake-macatawa-hunting/
  8. Lakeshore Outfitters will be having their 3rd annual Salmon Spectacular on March 20th from 5-9 PM. Aaron has awesome speakers lined up and is giving away even more quality tackle this year. Here is the link: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=m8vkd8kab&oeidk=a07e73bhgvt37a312a6
  9. +1 for Don/Tangled Mess if you're headed out of Holland. Might want to hop on a few on a few of the other Holland boats from this website when they are looking for riders too. Eveyone does things a little different boat to boat but it will give you a starting point. Lakeshore Outfitters is having their Salmon Spectacular on March 20, 5-9 pm at the Holland Fish and Game Club. Brian Butts and Dave Mull will be speaking. Aaron is going to give away a ton of quality stuff.
  10. Tj is asking 20K for a 23 foot Trophy. It is outfitted for salmon. His name on here is Twilli23. Pm if you are interested.
  11. If you want to fish the islands area, East Harbor State Park is nice. It has its own boat launch and fish cleaning station. Park is huge and offers about any kind of site. Launch maybe a little shallow for a 26' thought. There are two boat launches within 10 min though. One is on Catawba island and is called Catawba State park. The other is east and is called Mazurik boat launch.
  12. Actual date is Wednesday March 20th for the Lakeshore event...must have been a little sleepy at work last night
  13. We run both leadcore and copper. Just starting with long lines, I think you will get more use out of copper. 150, 200, 250, and 300 are pretty common lengths. Can't go wrong with Blood Run in the way of backer, copper and flouro. Depending on how many and what lengths you decide on you might want to price out a full spool. Okuma CVs are about the best reel for the $. They have decent entry level rods in their classic line as well. Check out the shows and shop around for sure before buying. Aaron will be open March 1st. Lakeshore will have the Salmon Spectacular on March 27th and will be raffling off 10 rod/reel combos in addition to riggers and various baits. They will also have a bag that you can fill up in the shop at 15-20% off if memory serves me. Take a look on this site or ask someone to show you how to mend copper and tie appropriate knots. Might not even be a bad idea to book a charter with one of those captains mentioned above to get a feel for things.
  14. If you're willing to travel, St Joe can be awesome for spring coho. On a normal year, fishing starts down there in March in shallow, say 8-15fow. We run Thins fins on long lines and short cores. J-11 rapalas on the riggers. Oranges, golds and reds are good colors. As the water warms small orange/red dodgers and flies take off. You will get a pretty good idea on when it starts by watching the reports on this site. Last year spring fishing was nuts out deep in Holland very early as Jimmy described. The lack of winter in 2012 influenced that. So far this year seems to be setting up in a similar manner. Best of luck.
  15. Fishing out of Holland as of yesterday was best in 180-210 FOW. I'm hoping this NW blow will cool it down a bit and bring them in closer by the time you get here. You can launch out of the State launch off Ottawa Beach Rd. It is a nice launch and has the best fish cleaning station in the area. Be mindful of the buoys as there are no wake zones and shallow areas in Lake Macatawa. You could also launch out of Port Sheldon which is between Holland and Grand Haven. VHF channel 68 is monitored by most fisherman. Can always call Aaron at Lakeshore Outfitters for a fishing report. 269 857-2248 Best of Luck
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