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  1. Found lots in 105-130 on Sunday and Monday. Scattered more after Sunday storm.
  2. Ended 12 for 16 on Sunday and 6 for ? Monday. 110-120fow was best. Full core with Area 51 was HOT! Mostly green on spoons and flashers. Riggers down 55-70, divers out 135-250, full core down to 400' copper all took fish.Lost a bunch of steelies. Ended w 2 steelies, 3 lakers(17# biggest) and 13 kings.(20.5# biggest). My granpa and cousin came to fish and we had a great family trip.post pics when my Internet is back up.
  3. Wow that musta been a heck of a morning solo. Nice catch
  4. 165-205fow was best for numbers.We boxed 9 fish by 930 out there with 3 steelies. 2 good fish (1 lost)in 170fow on 350-400' copper. Couldn't find size. Good luck.
  5. Nice catch and congrats on the top 10 finish. There was some nice weight weighed. Great job guys
  6. Welcome to GLF and let us know if we can help.
  7. Dio= Holy Diver , but instead we sing Dipsy Diver! Naughty By Nature- "Hip Hop Hooray" while slamming the ho's! Try to avoid Edmund Fitzgerald
  8. Went 2 for 2 with my cousin and his 8 year old boy. Picked up 2 coho and felt good about avoiding the skunk after talking to others. Was able to get the boy his first salmon ever. Cool feeling to pass the tradition. Stinger Area 51 and ET on riggers 16' and 32' in 65fow and 85 fow. Fished piers to 140fow. 64deg at pier and 59 at 140fow. Can June be over a little earlier?
  9. beautiful rig. She should fish pretty comfortably!
  10. Check timing for sure. Quick and easy. Mine was fubar and caused knock above 2800. Cheap fix hopefully.
  11. Sounds like we played the same cards. We fished pretty much exact water and spread.
  12. Went 6 for 9 with Fishwhisperer this morn. 95fow was best. 5 kings and a coho. 200'copper, 6 color, riggers at 55 and 70. Green spoons were best.
  13. Been happy with there trees. Launchers look nice. Quality heavy duty from my view.
  14. Fished 6-1230 in the SHFL with Fishwhisperer and Eliminator. Ended 6 for 8 with 3 kings and 3 coho. Big king was 18#. Picked up 3 in 90fow before 715. Headed west and picked a coho at 144 and a king at 165. Another king at 124 coming back in. Weather turned out pretty decent. 350' 45# copper 2-kings, UV Mixed Veg and MS NBK looking thing rigger - down 55- slider 10 up Area 51- 2 ho's 225' 45# copper- D.O.C.?-coho full core with dive bomb- MS Agent Orange- king Congrats to Reel Happy on the win!
  15. Little Dipper is in. Please text me if its canceled. I have to drive from Kzoo. You should have my number.
  16. Well done. Welcome to GLF. I fish SH too and its been kinda slow lately. Nice job!
  17. copper/core-20# flouro deep copper/later season- 30# flouro dipsy 30# flouro/mono riggers 20# big game- late season/big paddles-30#
  18. Great job all. Wish i coulda been out there. Congrats Outaline.
  19. Thanks Greg. Ill be slipping next to you in #4o this year. See ya around!
  20. replaced a few winters ago and had someone smash in lot first trip. They attracted idots! Much better imho and less fuss/worry.
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