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  1. Nice job Steve and Hunter! Glad u got out again today and got into em. What a weekend. I wonder how many fish where caught????
  2. Awesome. Well done. I figured was gonna be too rough. How where the waves?
  3. Glad ur back in the action. I wanna big beard quickly here. Good luck
  4. Fished the blast this morn with Fishwhisperer and 2Unreel. Went 19 for 23 with one 7# steelie and the rest ho"s. We went 2 hrs without a fish then hit the steelie and into the ho"s. We couldnt get out of them fast enough. We went from zero to box in 40 minutes. About 8 miles north in 14fow was best. Didnt matter what ya threw at em. We ended up 12th in the Blast but had a great time with great friends. Beautiful day out there!
  5. Nice job. Thats a dandy king this early. Hope to get one tomorow like that!
  6. Yeah that. SH trip out of river seems much shorter than the Joe. Seems to be a little more consistent of of SJ. Just get out there and slayem. Then post a report so I know what port to go to.
  7. NICE! I agree although i gotta vote for #1 combo. I can smell the smoker already:thumb:
  8. I also use the albright and works great for me. Here is the sweet and easy way to do wire via some previous posts on here. http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm
  9. Thanks Frank. Over 96 hours so i cant. Thats a great link though.
  10. Bought new license online and saved it to print at work. Somehow what i saved was only the half with my info. I had already closed the window. Anyone ever do this or figure how to get back into it? I believe it has the license number but not the place to sign. etc.
  11. I tie direct with braid then wrap a couple inches of electrical tape. Never had a slippage issue. I would think 150 YDS. absolute min.Then as much as possible. Seen some foul hooked kings that went for miles it seemed with a J Plug hook in mouth and other hooked in side. Just my .02.
  12. Never have before but i bought some small bungees from Menards for reel:) cheap. I think they will go from Berts ratchet bases to the spool thiungy part of the reel. Soemtimes in the rough water the rods will relax and go limp and they could be angled to tip out of the holders. Never lost one but paranoid, would REALLY be paranoid with Tek's.
  13. Black River Municipal Park is a city park. As of today no pay and docks in. $7 when they are working gate via cash or credit card. Stay to far side away from launch until around corner closer to bridge. Very short ride from SH. Good Luck Jim. Black River Park 123 Dunkley Ave. South Haven, MI 49090 Latitude: 42° 24' 38" Longitude: -86° 16' 12" Phone: (269) 637-3523
  14. Me and fishwhispere passed u heading south i think right there about 6 ish. The fisheys dissapeared for us too. Glad u hammered em this morn. Good job!
  15. Glad to hear u nailed em. Went out 430 and set up south. Ended a miserable 3 for 3. Mirror calm when we sat down and 1 footers by the time we had rods set along with some snow and rain. Not so hot for us today. All fish on north troll back from Palisades. Firetiger tots and gold/red tot. Lots of people out. Beats sitting home.
  16. Wow that thing looks deep. Nice:D Kicker is a nice safety addition as well as economic. Copper and wire.... ahhhh my favorites!!
  17. Sorry not familiar with area but its often best to stay clear of the pack. Sometimes the best fishing is away from them. Less headaches and more fish!
  18. New this year. 17' 1987 Sylvan Eliminator w/ 70 HP Merc and 15HP Merc. Just got a bow mount trolling motor today. Usually fish out of SH.
  19. Well done again. Hey we can warm up later. Ya gotta fish when their hitting like that. Not going is NOT an option. Man youre tearing em up in March.
  20. Just donate it with ur old boat. They wont work on new boats!
  21. Add one more as Randy took fish and i found one more ho on the deck. Musta missed the cooler. Just cant trust dem Ho's!!
  22. Ended up 7 for 8 with 6 Ho's and a king. Firetiger hot n tots were best.7-12fow. Much slower today. Muddy water with temps from 36 to 45 degrees. Nice flat day. Looks like poopy weather for next bit. Good to get out:D
  23. What is LMTA? and what did they do... im lost as usual:confused:
  24. Thanks for the report. Welcome to GLF. Well done:thumb:
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