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  1. Ended 18 for 21 with Fishwhisperer, Sushi Man and SeaMac. 12 lakers, 5 kings and a Ho. 50-55fow straight out was best. 2.2 mph, north troll by far best. Riggers down 55-61ft with Stinger "Crazy Rays" was best for lakers. 200 and 225' copper with MS Mongolian Beef casting spoon took the kings. 1 on dipsy. 6 color and full core took hits too i believe.3 really nice spring kings. They were quite feisty! Fishwhisperer managed to catch that sweet steelie in the marina:eek: What a beautiful day on the water with good friends, cold beer and a flat lake. Went 3 for 7 on a short trip Sunday morn. Had to bail early.Fishing was getting better mid day. Light bites.
  2. Picked up this fair lady last summer and have been getting her ready. 1987 SeaRay Weekender 230. Currently rigged with Great Lakes Planer quad trees, berts ratcheting holders and 3 cannon manuals on tracks. Picked up Lowrance Elite 7 gps/fishfinder this spring. Also put Lowrance Elite 4 color graph in the back for the rigging crew. New marine radio, batteries, onboard charger and alot of TLC. Thinking "Little Dipper" Added a little fisherman to the family last summer and ready to fish this year! Finally got her up and running well thanks to some great friends. Slipped in SH. Looking for some AM fishing partners during the week for the summer if anyone is interested PM me ur number.
  3. Fished 830 -1230 outta SH. Set lines in front of piers. Hooked one small king, released. 3 color Crazy Bitch Super Slim Spoon. Fished south to plant and back. No other hits. Stayed in 15-22fow. Water temps 44deg everywhere. Stayed in dirty water whole time. Some did get lakers out deeper. Lots of frost on a chilly 20deg morn. Calendar says April 21, mother nature says March 21st. Good to get the shakedown trip in. Broke rod and lost cannon ball. Ahh its the cost of fishing.
  4. 400' 350' 300' 250' 225' 200' 150' 225' was really hot 2 yrs ago. Didnt really fish lat year. All 45# is what is ran on my boat. Can't wait to have achance to ever run any rods this year. Darn weather. Should out of SH tomorrow but not sure the copper will see the water!
  5. Put in 23' on Sunday. Had the truck tires in the water and there was maybe 3' behind the swim platform. Def some shallow spots in the river. As Dan said take that corner really wide over to where the docks are. Marina was reading 2.6-1.8 on the fishfinder. Some slips have a foot of water.
  6. Was playing with the Elite 7 today and saw the NMEA 2000 connect in the back. I have no plans of connecting anything else and happy so far. Im trying to hook up Elite 7 to my new Uniden marine radio, NMEA 183 connect I believe. I cross referenced the 2 brochures however they don't match. Uniden says connect Lowrance's black wire to their green, there is no black wire:no: Try again in the light tomorrow. Thought it would be great to have radio distress set in case ever needed.
  7. I bought an Elite 7 this spring. Hope to launch this weekend. Got the DI version. Will let ya know.
  8. Was in Erie PA over Easter and saw first hand. Hundreds if not thousands of dead shad on the beach in a 4 mile stretch. Dozens or more seen struggling at the shoreline of Presque Isle Bay. These things get pretty big, 2# at least i bet. Stinky mess out there.
  9. carb. rebuild, Elite 7 combo mounted, onboard charger install, replaced back wood with synthetic, new tracks in back and new trees, new marine radio, hatch gaskets, replace bad switches, added 3rd rigger, another spoon box....... apparently i should be working now that i have so much to do!!! Looking forward to 1st summer off with my little guy.
  10. Scooter clips for me. Basically a snap coated in rubber with a slit cut in it. I liked fixed so it can be removed instead of getting stuck on net. Im all about fixed. Just as easy and know its repeatable. My .02:)
  11. Good Point Steve. Every pick of boats on piers seem to be hardtop fiberglass. I guess if ur gonna park there ya wanna be comfy!!!
  12. After the shift shaft washer incident all seemed well but no get up and go. Hub was partially spun on prop. Tried spare and all seems good now. Been too busy to even go out.

  13. Scott Neveau is their neighbor i believe. He is a good buddy of mine. Im from BC originally. Grew up fishing that lagoon. Sounded familiar. Tight lines!!
  14. Nice Boat. U dont happen to live in the lagoon at the mouth of the Kawkawlin do U?
  15. Nice catch. I would check ur guides by running a cotton swab around the inside of them. It will show any cuts or gouges by grabbing the cotton. just my 2 cents!
  16. Finally got a chance to fish and its not windy. Fishwhisperer and my buddy Bird joined me and set lines around 830 ended around 130. Ended up 19 for 21. 13 Kings and 6 Ho's. 165-170fow was the best. NW troll by far best. 300' Copper with MS Blue Smolt was HOT. 400' copper, riggers down 80-100 with Chrome Frog SD w/ Mtn. Dew took a bunch, Wire divers out 250' with Mag dipsy and Grn Spinnies. Couple doubles and a few nice tangles. Lots of nice chunky kings. Couldn't buy fish number 15 so we pulled and had 5 Ho's on. :lol:Had a great morning with good buddies!
  17. Rarely- South Haven Yes- Manistee Seems to work better up north for me. Haven't ran much down south. So this might be good when dropping trash cans and wobbles at these slower speeds.
  18. Great points. I add a 3" piece of surgical tubing or old snubber between the bead and swivel so I can reel it up tight without too much pressure on tip. Wire is expensive but I know a mag dipsy, snubber, leader, flasher and meat rig with teasers cost us about $70 when it broke at a kink. Thats alot of wire!
  19. What a great day of fishing without much catching! Ended 2 for 2 both brownies. Fished south all the way to Thunder Mtn. Ugly Coyote Spoon on rigger and a gold Rapala floater took fish. Fished 7-11fow mostly. Speed 2.2. Felt great to get on the water with the boys and have fun on a gorgeous June....Ii mean March day!
  20. I used for a bit last year. They pulled fine but the bend is wrong and i ended up breaking tips easily. Too fast of an action for wire for me.
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