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  1. Went with Fishwhisperer and Tyler. Waited out storms and went out 6-730 til we got booted off by more storms, waves and lightning. Ended with 3 for 4 with lakers in 110 fow. Cowbells-spin glo on rigger on bottom. Tin can on dipsy down 255'. White Nuclear flasher with pickled sunshine fly out 198' on mag dipsy. Lost one on 225' copper with ludington watermelon. Darn weather. Oh wel at least all made it back in wet and safe.
  2. Some nice fish on the lines but what a croc. Turned an unforgettable trip to a i wish i could forget parts trip. At least ya came out after the fine. Woulda prob paid for the whole trip otherwise.
  3. Eliminator is mine but Andy brought us some beer and ice and grabbed that pic of me. We managed a 12.5# but Andy embarrassed me with his PIG Steelie like usual.
  4. Well done Nick. Hopefully the chrome shows up more soon
  5. Thats awesome. Thanks Larry!
  6. As Randy said but our deep one had a 14# Ridgeback Rattler on the MANUAL rigger. Had to get the rod quick so ya didntr have to crank that beast up:D
  7. Our steelie went 12.5# and big king went 17.5#. We also got to meet the local C.O. He said my boat looked like a porcupine.
  8. Me and Fishwhisperer went 12 for 14 in SH. Cowbells, tin cans, and killer dolphin took em. Thanks to 2unreel for a deposit of ice and provisions. 110-154fow, with 2 throwbacks. Mostly riggers and dipsy bites. 2 Throwback lakers. 2 man limit
  9. Thanks Andy ! We owe you a million. What a fish! Nice job buddy !! !! thanks for helping out thirsty men! Thats a trophy
  10. I usually let my shines glow just slightly. I quite often get hits on dolphin type spoons that only have a small piece of glow tape. Have not had much luck on non glow colors real late or early.
  11. From what i recall the freezer last year was shot(bad seal) so i cant imagine anyone stealing it. No one at 4pm yesterday on a flat sunny day. If no one is manning the gate/ cleaning station then i say no pay. Maybe i need to start a personal sound off thread:p
  12. Fishwhisperer and my cousin Shaun joined me for a gorgeous, dry, flat day on the lake. Ended 7 for 8 with 4 lakers and 3 kings. 95-110 fow was best. Rigger on bottom with cowbells and spin n glo took 2. 250’ 45# copper with Stinger Nitro ET took 2. Full core with Stinger Glow Ghost took 1. Tin can with No See Um took 2 on wire diver out 225 on 2. Speed on GPS 2.7-3.1 was tops. Flies were nasty for a bit. Cousin drove from Bay City and glad we could get him out and into some fishies!
  13. For $7 a launch they need to figure out some way to leave it accessible to us. Maybe just start cleaning them and leaving remains in front of their hut. I always thought the expensive launch should include the use of the cleaning station. The unpredictability irritates me!
  14. Nice job Justin. Classic South Haven launch fiasco. We cleaned em on the tailgate there Thurs night. There annual pass fiasco has been a joke this year too. I think they just finally got it fixed, yeah its mid June. Glad ya guys got some fishies:grin:
  15. Fishwhisperer and I ended 5 for 9 for the evening. Fished 85fow -135fow. Picked up fish at 3 around 100, 1 at 112 and 1 at 125’. All fish came off one rigger set down 50 with a Miami Dolphin (2), Craigs Christmas slider (1) and then a MS Mongolian Beef (2) at dusk. Missed fish on Blue Chilly Willy slider down 55, Diver with tin can out 160 on wire, and 225’ copper with blue dolphin. Temps ranged 58-64 deg. Beautiful day but slow fishing. Only one other boat out.
  16. I have found the same btw south haven empty and lud full. Lots of dead floating alewives up in Lud last weekend.
  17. We fished N on thurs and fri and south on sunday. Setup right out front in 40fow everyday
  18. 6/2 Ended 13 for 14 with me and my Uncle. Fished 10am-3pm ish. 11 Kings and 2 lakers. 40fow out to 80fow was best. First fish was a 7color and my Uncle pulled a BASS Master and ripped that off:no: Leadcore was best in the 5-9 color ranges. NBK and Craigs Christmas was best. Ended up with last 6 at the point. 10 in box and tried to pull but got 3 more throwbacks. Good Times. Other 2 boats went 2-4. 6/3 Ended 9 for 14 on Gramps boat from 7am-2pm i think. 40-50fow was best. All 9 on riggers with 5 on Craigs Christmas(best lure on all boats all weekend). Other boat went out 2 times and ended with 12 fish. We went north and they went south in 80-100fow. 6/5 Fished 8am til 1pm. Ended 4 for 10 200' copper with Craigs Christmas was best in 40-100 fow. 3-3.5 SOG was best speed. Mostly copper bites on 200,225,250,300 45#. Other boat went 2 for3. Black Screwball, NBK, Christmas, Pink Panties, Spring Chicken, Flounder Pounder, Orange Tranny, Greasy Chicken, Goldie Hawn, Org/Grn Proking all took fish. Standard size spoons best. Only 2 fish on dipsies all weekend. No takers on flies. Will post pics when we get em. 2 steelies taken. Got my cousin his first salmonoids ever and fished with Gramps for salmon for our first time together. 42 fish boated for my first time running the show in Lud made for a great family weekend!!! Darn im beat!
  19. Lookin sweet! Loving the launcher. She must fish nice!
  20. Will be out of cousin and gramps boats (19' and 24') . Ill be docked on Hamlin. Still got the 15 HP kicker putting in the hours.
  21. Will be up der for a family fishing trip. Only fished there once in my life. Staying on Hamlin so rain, shine and/or wind we will be fishing on the big or little lake. Give me a shout "Nee Hi" or 269-599-7420 if ur out there. Will post a super awesome report when we get back. Jarod
  22. Saw a guy at launch that recognized the boat and said he fished alot with u out of it.
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