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  1. Sounds like an exciting day. It was gorgeous out there.
  2. very similar to goldie hawns sister by DW
  3. Went 13 for 24ish with 12 kings and one ho. Had some rookies on board losing fish left and right but it was a riot. Fishwhisperer landed a 26.4# king which is biggest ive ever seen caught. New guy caught his first salmon, a 22# on the wire diver. Lots of moonshines in particular green jeans was hot on 225 copper. Green Glow frog SD w blue fly out 155 on diver was hot. 225, 300, 350, 450 copper took fish. Full core took one. Riggers down 40-65 were best. Fished 85-175 fow w 120-90 being best. SE troll was only way they would bite.
  4. I want wheels next time for tourney fishing. A 140# box will kick ur a$&!
  5. 8/9-Ended 5 for 5 w 2 steelies, 2 kings and a coho. 112fow best. No morning bite for us. Blue spoons and Moonshines best. 8/11- Ended 5 for 8. 2 steelies and 3 lakers. 120fow best. Rigger down 60, full core and 225' copper. Area 51, white/black glow, moonshines. 3 lost fish were steelies. Lots of fun was had!
  6. Went 4 for 8 with 3 kings and an 11.4# brown:thumb: Fished 85-130fow w 95-100 best. Full core, 300 copper, riggers down 55 and 80. MS Flounder Pounder and MS Mongolian Beef, White glow/purple spoon,White paddle green fly, blue spatter back Jplug. Didnt hit first fish til 745.
  7. Fishwhisperer and I ended 4 for 8 today. All kings w 17.5# biggest. Riggers fired early w small kings coming right up to surface and spitting hooks. Then it died for us. 7 rigger bites and big king on 225 copper. ET, NBK, Glow Lemon on sliders did best. 90-95fow best early. Had one nice fish ripped hooks/split ring off Stinger spoon.
  8. Well done sir, well done. What a beauty. I thought that was a Mag in his mouth!
  9. Nice job Shannon. It was tough out there. Glad to see us SH boys up on the board.
  10. Our 58.9# 5 fish box was good for 3rd place in the Dreamweaver Tourney!
  11. Ended 5 for 6 with 5 kings. 95-115 fow was best. Riggers down 40-55 w sliders Lemon Ice were best. NBK looking spoon on 350 copper took one and diver out 120' w green glow SD w green fly took one. Pulled lines at 915 as it was getting pretty bumpy.
  12. Ended 3 for 4 with a laker, king and steelie. Fished 20-125fow. Not many marks on graph. Diver w Lemon Ice SD out 60', full core w Area 51, 225' copper w ET, 5 color w orange spoon. Temps 54-67 getting warmer deeper.
  13. Totally agree Mike. Well said.
  14. Welcome to GLF and the big water addiction.
  15. Nice catch. I havent seen a brownie this year yet.
  16. Part both, tons of mature skein in that big girl. Thanks.
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