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  1. Gander mtn. on the west side of Lansing and Dicks in the Eastwood plaza had a few.
  2. i'm gonna cover whoever catch's the first fish like defensive back,i wont even need to turn the fish finder on!lol!
  3. Southtroll is right i dragged a 6# fish around for who knows how long W/my 60 # 300 on a TX44. I PROBLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING MORE ATTENTION!
  4. you might want a rubber band on that board Tom. it is too annoying when the board pops off on the long ones.
  5. I have plans to deploy a 2 bait version (spreader) using a mag spoon and a smaller spoon on my copper or leadcore rig,i will post if it is tangle mangle or if it runs proper and catch's fish,hope it works cause i often fish alone and more baits in the water with 3 rods could be beneficial.
  6. the weather bouy at Holland says waves are 1.5,looks good on web cam also. be careful and good luck!
  7. didnt someone say put wd 40 on your braid to help repel them?
  8. i have 2 of those GLT PRO'S, i run wire on them with the tips they came with.I figured i would change the tips only when they wore out. So far no problems at all. i run 30# 7 strand wire.keep in mind i only fish on weekends when i can escape.
  9. AWESOME! love goin mano a mano with mono [solo fishin] great feeling doin evrything succesfully on your own!
  10. I'm workin on a new rig. may have to work. if not i would love to run the new boat,with you guys Guess im only 50% in.LOL!
  11. could it be a bait kill ,where they spiral slow up to the surface.?
  12. :thumb:30# will work fine,and it's easy to handle and does not need a giant reel. and you will love the settup with the TX44's
  13. It's funny how one lure is hot for 1 angler and i cant get a bite on it,but finding the place for a certain lure in the spread can work.i have certain lures that i really like on my long lines and not so much on my riggers.previous success can dictate lure selection.i think i like collecting lures because i always seem to only fish my "go to" lures and have a lot that hardly get wet.
  14. Best of Kiss,or Third Day Trust in Jesus. OH! and dont forget the Barry White if my wife is along!
  15. TX-44 planners are awesome ,they pull my 300'of 60# copper away from the boat.
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