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  1. I am going to be making my maiden voyage for this year tomorrow. I have never fished this early in the season. I will be heading out of Holland with my 2 boys. Any suggestions of where to start dropping lines? Also, it seems most people are just using spoons, is that right? Any paddles/flies or j-plugs this time of year? Thanks!! Joel
  2. I have recently started using free sliders. I have only put spoons on the free sliders. Does anyone use j-plugs on sliders? Any other baits on sliders or do most people just use spoons? Thanks for helping us rookies!! :thumb: Joel
  3. I am still fairly new to the big lake. I have a question about my lure spread. I have 4 downriggers and 2 dipsy rods. I do not use meat rigs but I have flasher/fly, spoons and j plugs. My question is how many flasher/fly's to use vs. spoons and at what depth. Do you run flasher/fly at all depths including deep? Any general advice of how to run my 6 rod spread? I know this time of year people usually don't use j plugs but not sure how many spoons I should run vs. the flasher/fly. Thanks for any help!! Joel
  4. Thank you all for your input! I appreciate it. Hoping to find some fish this weekend. Good luck to all! Joel
  5. Also, for a newbie...I have seen some people talking about the 4000 and 5000 lines...can someone explain that to me? Thanks again!!
  6. I am from Lansing and will be heading out of Ludington for the first time this year on Friday with my 2 boys. I see reports have been slow. Any thoughts with where to start out of Ludington this weekend? Thanks! Joel
  7. I am planning on taking my brothet and nephew who have never been salmon fishing tomorrow. Are there any salmon to be caugt in Holland? Any advice of where to set up? Thanks for any advice. Joel
  8. You guys have been great with advice. I have one final question for the year...hopefully... I have 4 riggers, 2 dipsy rods and 2 lead core rods. I am assuming I should run my dipsy outside the riggers and then the leadcore with planer boards outside the dipsy. Is that correct? I am worried about tangle issues. What should I set my dipsy at...I was thinking 1.5. Also, do you generally go deepest at the back to highest as you work outside? Thanks again for helping us rookies... Joel
  9. Thanks for all the help!! I really appreciate the advice from those experienced guys!
  10. I'm a relative newbie...started fishing the big pond 2 years ago but have mainly used spoons/plugs because of ease and knowledge. I see a lot written about paddles and flies and I have some questions. When is it best to use that set up? Do depths matter or do you use that at all depths? do you use the standard fly length or is it modified? How do you know when to use spoons/plugs/flies? I have 2 lead core rods, 2 dipsy rods and 4 downriggers. Do flies work better on any particular rod? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on taking 2 of my boys out labor day weekend...probably at Whithall. Thanks! It has been so great reading and learning from all your experiences.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the help. What length leader are you generally using? Thanks again! Joel
  12. I really appreciate all I learn from this site. What would be helpful for newbies like me is more pictures. I am still learning . I am wondering if someone can post some pictures of spinnies and flies and of other lures that are hot right now. I am not up on all of the lingo spoken here (I have caught on to some but just learning). I am taking my 3 boys out this weekend (probably to the Whitehall area). Thanks. You guys rock . Joel
  13. I am looking for some advice. I am planning on taking my kids out this weekend to fish. Last year I went to Ludington which was nice because if the waves get big you can fish the bay (my kids get sea sick easy). I am wondering if White Lake is good fishing if I can't get on the big lake. Does anyone know the average depth? Would Whitehall be a good option or should I return to Ludington? Thanks for any input. Joel
  14. I have never fished Holland. Just looking for some pointers of where to drop lines. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Joel
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