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  1. I have some 30lb. 7 strand wire with a diameter of .015, and i have some 30lb. braid with a claimed diameter of .011, and i use them with magnum dipsey which one will go deeper? I used to use berkely fire line and tha has a diameter of.015 ?Will the wieght of the wire overcome the diameter or does the less resistance on the diver rule? What do my esteemed colleges think?
  2. I just picked up some suffix super braid green/brown in color and i noticed it has a smaller diameter than fireline in the 30lb.test
  3. Am i crazy or does it always seem that the flies from most companies are sharper than the hooks they put on their spoons?
  4. How do you attach the line to the reel? What test do you use? Is the wire multi-strand? Iam getting ready to re spool 2 dipsy rods and may consider using it. Also do you have to use a roller rod or could a twilly tip work....sorry if i remind you of that one kid next door! LOL!
  5. Is it a general rule to run your flies 2 and a1/2 times the length of the flasher even if you run a large 11 inch or a the smallest 6 inch type?
  6. Just a joke ,but what comes to mind is "THERE SHE BLOWS!" Also i agree with the out of the cabin statement, that seems to bother my guests the most.Does dramamine make you feel wierd by it's self?
  7. My name is Joel, to me it's o.k to say hey dude. I also look forward to meeting all y'all,but till i remember names i just say hello! i also have to find a name for me barge! Any suggestions would be considered and appreciated!
  8. o.k but what kind and color of flasher or rotator , and in what colors do you like to use?
  9. Please sign me and my crew up! me and the girls would love to attend!Thanks Joel Sanders
  10. That's The One That Ate Our Dog Last Summer!!! Lol! What A Great Fish Well Done!
  11. I may not to be able to be in on all your of your series , i would like to compete ..and hey i'm a newby to this and would really enjoy every time i can fish with you peoples. Can you count me in for as much much fishing as my job and wife can stand?... P.S. my team will always involve my daughters and family. sincerilly a contributer LOL!
  12. I live in Eaton Rapids MI. This website is really cool!
  13. Does anyone know anywhere to find MOONSHINE LURES trolling fly's ...they have a willow leaf spiner on them ,they seem hard to find. I know they exist ,but they are not even on the company's homepage.
  14. Does anyone have any homemade rocket launchers,and a how to build plan ,any money saved goes to time on the water!
  15. What is the hot lure to put behind my cowbell's for a big laker?
  16. Does the albright knot work o.k. for 30#fireline to 30#copper? Is 30#copper much smaller in diameter tha 27# leadcore? As always i really appreciate the feed back and putting with guys like me,always asking ?'s that you all probly know. THANKS TO ALL!
  17. Has anyone ever heard of using a mini diving disk as opposed to clip on weights to increase the possible depth of two color ,three color,or a half core? any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.
  18. sounds good, but you need a competant fishcatcher like me on board to help rake those fish in LOL!
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