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  1. This is the big league of salmon fishin,greatest anglers in the world attend these events! cant wait got cabin fever bad!
  2. i'll try to fish again, We are due for better weather this year!
  3. Watched some of the episodes this week HELPS WITH MY CABIN FEVER!
  4. I use that stuff on my riggers and quite frankly i love it.great price and good quality.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to evryone and your families. T:Dake time to enjoy and count your blessings every day!
  6. I live locally and was unaware of such rules. The red cedar also has real good northern pike fishing.
  7. welding a bicycle to my trailer,save on gas buy more tackle
  8. rubbing compound then a wax should do the job,try an oscillating wheel,and a warm garage.
  9. Gonna go to Sterling on saturday to try for some eyes,anybody else got plans this weekend?
  10. What is the knot called that is used to tie a j-plug harness? Some of mine are getting kinda ratty looking and i want to make some new ones.Thank-you!
  11. Hi frank! gonna be augres and try to fish next saturday evening any tips? [how deep,which direction ,bait etc.] any advise would be much appreciated. thanks ,hope you are well.

  12. 20#big game is good stuff,great price. I use a high quality ball bearing swivel[sPRO]and before and after every time it gets wet i feel the line for nicks or rough spots and re tie when in doubt,i also run my drag on the light side.With sharp hooks .And then the fish is mine![unless he swims into my other junk!lol!]
  13. got 2 of those on the shelf in the garage,same problem handles break off the reel.
  14. was there cold beer involved!lol!
  15. went on a solo fishin trip saturday went 5 for 9 ,3 kings 2 steelie's fish were flyin like crazy:grin:what a blast 2 kings went 16&18 #'s fished 2 riggers and 1 300 copper all fish but one smaller steelie came on downriggers fish were from 110 to 125 ft. of water between 40 and 75 foot hot lure was silverstreak" hatrick" my first solo limit!:thumb:what an awesome trip!
  16. Love seeing the young one's out there being happy!!
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