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  1. Loved the report and pics, nice to have those thoughts in December!
  2. dude those are hot the guy at the tackle shop said so!
  3. dipsy with copper and lead and wire with a flasher and meat rig is called a 150. $150 snap it's gone!
  4. Thanks,looks like a fun trip. You must have had the lake to yourself.
  5. Sea monster! That picture is terrifying!
  6. Where can you dispose of 20 gallons of old gas responsibly?
  7. Decisions, decisions! WOW both of those rigs look really sweet! No matter what, i think you're gonna be a happy fisherman!
  8. My new boat has 2 downriggers on it and i have 2 more standing by.I seem to have room on board for them.Does anyone run 4? I see 3 alot. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.THANKYOU.
  9. What kind and brand of paint should i put on the hull of my 24ft. fiberglass boat? It needs to be the anti fouling stuff i'm sure,but i dont much else about the stuff. it already has some on it also. blue stuff looks .old.Thanks folks
  10. I will add that i still own my old boat and that is my trailer rig.My wonderful wife let me keep it. and now my yard looks like the marina!
  11. In Holland what is best place to slip for next season? I got a 24 ft. hardtop and want some dockage.Any input would also be appreciated
  12. Life is good! lol! making me hungry!
  13. Just wondering what kinda spread and what fishing will be like next weekend at Ludington? Steely type setup or will the salmon be the best to focus on i have never been their this late before. Thanks:D
  14. yes, sounds about right, i fish my riggers like you,i usually start with 2 riggers mag spoons on bottom free sliders with smaller spoons,1, 5 color on a board 1 300 copper on a board on 1 side then on the other a mag wire diver and another copper [200] on a board. 2.2-3 mph and i kinda navigate like you. i have a smaller boat run 6 rods usually and sometimes i drive slow s curves to try to figure what speed makes my baits tasty to the fish.
  15. Dont be affraid to leave the pack if your not getting bit,vary the depths of your rigs until you find a bite.And remember to adjust your speed a lil from time to time also.
  16. keep an eye out for a huge king dragging a TX44 300 60# copper a white 10 inch spindoctor with a glo froggy meat rig somehere near Holland. GREAT JOB TERRY ALWAYS GREAT REPORTS!
  17. Looks like i'll bring my extra 5&7 color leadcore rigs for saturday
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