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    Retired Police Officer (State). Married, children and grandchildren. My passison is fishing number 1
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    Fishing, hunting, carpentry, cooking, traveling and fishing Michigan.
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  1. Captain Rob, thanks for a great article. Dead on in my view. Do you have any views/advice on when to pull spoons. versus plugs. versus dodger/flies, meat rigs?? Also is there a time to use magnum over standard size spoons? Thanks again.
  2. Nailer I am retired in Escanaba and live on Little Bay DeNoc. I'm from here but worked all over Lower Michigan except for the thumb area.
  3. I'm Ken, retired, and fishing is my passion! I fish walleyes, perch, bluegills, whitefish, salmon, plus some stream fishing. I travel around the state to fish and enjoy other areas and making new friends. I have no problem with sharing information.I have a lot more to learn than I have to offer. My boat is a 16 foot Lund which limits my salmon fishing. I look forward to learning from this site.
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