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  1. Looks like an awesome fish fry! Great job!
  2. fisin time is upon us!

  3. Make sure you are safely prepared for that trip this time of year,as you may be the only boat out there.BE SAFE AND GOOD LUCK! SOUNDS FUN!
  4. Where is the st jo boat ramp located,what street? i am familiar with the dnr launch near tackle haven,but would like to find this one. dont show on google maps. help!
  5. Sorry guys the morgans i put on was "super copper" and the opti i had was standard and it is not identical.
  6. I just put 300 45#[MORGANS] on a reel and was impressed with how it went on,really nice.much better than the opti tackle stuff in my oppinion.
  7. I got mine on my conv.55 w/300 ft power pro backing barely, kinda tight.probly would have been a better fit with only 200 of the backing.
  8. YES! that was awesome,i didnt win any raffle items but scored 7 quality spoons 2 flies and a roll of 20# leader just in the tackle toss alone throw in a sloppy joe and i was a winner!lol!
  9. Hello cap'n. Got the winter blues myself. CANT WAIT TO GO FISHIN!!!
  10. as for early or later do not forget the beer factor from the previous evening.sometimes things need to settle.
  11. I think the Michigan Steelheaders web site used to have plans&instructions how to build your own big boards. kinda cool!
  12. black light shows UV. As for glow i just stickem under my shirt and look if its not dark out.
  13. Skin off. if i need skin, replace with bacon! BACON!
  14. same here don ,got some a while back [freeby] and never really got it to go never looked under a light. i'll let anyone have to try if they want it,sits in the garage all lonely.
  15. i say get both settups and you will be happy!
  16. i have both inlines and otter's i dont like having to pull my copper or 10 color every time my 5 color goes off to reset,for salmon fishing,but if your running the same exact thing like cranks for walleyes i do like the otter boards. i just hate wasting fishing time on the juggling act i guess.I do know that the baits need to be in the water to catch fish!lol!
  17. around the eye 2x's then a simple overhand for swivel, on the spool i use electrical tape and hope i never get spooled!
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