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  1. Hit the water at 7:00 am. For the SBWC river tourney, Worked hard in inclement conditions, A little of every thing Rain, Hail, Wind, And a few minutes of sunshine.. But a day on the water with friends is a good day.. We managed our 3 man limit, Weighed in 5 for 10 pounds, for a 5th place finish.. 17 and some change took the tourney.. The kicker we were looking for all day came unbuttoned at the net, 3/8 watermelon glow jig and Fin-S blue ice took most fish, The river is at 54* and loading up with White-bass and Sheeps, Done with the river and will be hitting the Bay from now on..
  2. Thanks Frank. We will set something up this season for sure.. The boy will be home Mid July after Ranger school Graduation,
  3. Also would like to apologize for the small Rant at beginning of Thread, Eye am not a bragger, And do not like being called such, Eye will share any info anytime (But not in the middle of a active tourney) They are only fish, And plenty to be had.. Thanks again-------Dan
  4. Thanks Guys.. Was a great weekend of fishing, If you like the thump of the river jig and plastic bite. Now is the time to go.. It does not get much better, A phenomenal start to the season, The river will be good for a couple of weeks yet, With tons of great eater size males still hanging around.. Thanks Frank, I will have to start writing all that stuff down, My memory is not what it used to be. LOL. Have gotten very good reports of great fishing out of your home Port up there.. With multiple species of fish being caught,, See you on the water soon, And looking forward to reading your reports again-------Dan
  5. Eye stand corrected, winning weight was 59 lbs and some change, From the Bay, Most all top ten places were very nice bay fish..
  6. DAY 2.. With the High winds forecasted for the Bay, And after getting blowed off yesterday,, He switched gear and launched Saginaw area at 6:30, 2 drifts were setting on 12 in the box, Fished till Noon and called it a day, netted over 5o keeper size fish today, Weighed in 10 for the 2 day event, With average a little over 3 lb. fish==31.55 good for 32nd out of 260 contestants, Will take that for not even planning on fishing the river.. 49.75 lbs. took it, With big fish at 9.67 lbs.. They were banging 3/8 watermelon-glow jigs and plastic hard on the river.. The bay has been hot all spring pulling # 10 Dhjs.. Anything Purples, Or blue-silver.... ..
  7. If people knew me, They would know Eye give more detailed and consistent year round of reports on Walleye fishing the Bay than most ever think of.. I think I will stick to sites that appreciate them.. But thanks for the jab Though....
  8. What ever Dude. get a life. Where does it say I have to Give what lure we used, I planned on giving that info after the tourney tomorrow, Knit pick someone else's report. Or better yet, get out and fish and post your own report..
  9. That's correct, But not in the middle of a 2 day tourney.. LOL.
  10. Started on the Bay, Pulled 5 nice fish first pass, Then got blew off.. so executed plan B, Hit the river to finish the 2 man limit.. Weighed in 5 for 16.33 lbs. Wish could have made one more pass on the Bay.. see what 2nd day of tourney brings Sunday.. 5 on left Bay fish, River fish on right
  11. Headed out Easter morning, Beautiful day, Fishing in the shallows running cranks slow was on fire.. west side of Bay..
  12. NICE.. Scotty is the Sheep king for sure.
  13. For the first of Sept. The bite is still good on the Inner bay.. 25 FOW. Spread of all meat, On purple-copper and Blue-silver. Dredged on bottom slow at 1.0-1.2.
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