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  1. Thanks guys! I drilled the nylon out and made sure it was smooth. No problems this weekend. Had I realized Dacron was so much wider I wouldn't have bought 500 yards of it. But it's what I had and it looks like it was used for a while before spectra was popular.
  2. I purchased 4 older manual downriggers last year from. I can't think of the companies name right now, but they are from Michigan and no longer in business. The wire was old and I lost a couple of balls. I looked at switching to braid and found some favorable reviews and most importantly a big roll of 130 lb dacron for really cheap. The Problem: I unspooled one rigger and the dacron is actually wider than the rigger wire. The nylon block that the line leaves from the boom is too narrow for the dacron to fit. I've got a trip I'm leaving for tonight. Should I drill the nylon out so it is wide enough or forget about the changover?
  3. I bought 2 spools of 300' 30 lb copper and tx 44 boards after reading bloodrun's depth analysis and how close it runs to 45 lb. But, everything I see on here is 45lb. Should I exchange it?
  4. This is very interesting. Has anyone tried a housing using their self provided sticky pad and the bag of goodies jointed together? I lost a hero 2 off the side of a boat last year due to the suction cup losing it. I'm a little extra protective now.
  5. I'm new to great lakes fishing. However, it only makes sense to buy UV. More visibility in deeper water. Is black ever a popular color with Salmon? I fish muskies a lot and they really do pursue black combos more often. After all the other reflected colors are absorbed in the column a non UV lure would only appear black/grey/shadowy.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! What a great group of anglers! The last two years have been a little warmer. But the best depth to start at was 160-200. Let's assume the same conditions just for reference. So, hypothetically if I was to run one SWR rig, 3 normal riggers, 1 copper, 1 leadcore, and the two dipsys. Would I run the SWR on a outside rigger ~80 ft down, the two middle riggers deeper at 100/110 with spoons 20 ft back, the other outside rigger ~90 shallower with a flasher/fly 30' back, and then run the copper/leadcore on boards to the outside and lastly the dipsies, correct?
  7. This is techically my third year fishing Salmon. The first year was in a friend's boat and last year was the first in my boat. We made great progress last year but met a couple amazing guys at the dock in Algoma and I attribute everything to them. Jim and Dave, if God is still a fisherman, I'm sure you have a special place in heaven. I have a 19.5 ft starcraft starfire. I got a great CL bargain on 4 older downriggers with VERY large booms. They're mounted on a 2x6 and ratchet strapped between two cleats. Retracted all the way in I think they are 4-5 ft. extended they are 8-9 ft. I used a eagle claw recessed rod holder for dipsies last year, but one broke. I just got a spool of 150 lb braid to redo all the metal cable. We lost a couple balls last year unfortunately. For rods, I now have 4 8'6" Okuma combos 2 are copper/lead labeled and one states a downrigger. I have 6 lighter gander combos as well. I'm running 20 lb biggame on everything. I've fished out of algoma in July the last few trips and I'm adding a late June trip this year. The questions: Any suggestions for a different rod holder that won't be too permanent/prominent? This is a musky/walleye/family boat most of the year and I don't really see a huge tree rod holder tree fitting in all year round. I'm a little confused on which of the following to add next: 1-2 SWR rods, copper, lead, planer boards etc. I've heard enough about the SWR and had a lot of action in our friend's boat that I would like to try it. If I add one should I add two? Would those be the outside lines or inside lines? Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad I found the forum this year before the trip.
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