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Putting names with faces


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This year we are going to try and make a few more of the fun tournaments,

I am going to make an honest effort to introduce myself to a few of you.

Remembering names has never been my strong point, and now that I'm past the 1/2 way to 90 mark it's even more difficult. I'm starting a spread sheet to help me put proper names with screen names. If you could post your first name it would help me in my quest.

Thank you,


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Try this Ken,

When I run a tournament and have about 30 teams in it. Try and remember each team when you get home and post the results with the pictures. Its like a game to me, but so far I can do it...:D

My name is Rich

just remember that caznik is Rich, but not really....:D

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Don't you hate meeting someone, doing your introductions, then next time you see them you can't remember their name? I end up calling them man, dude, bro, er some crap, honestly sometimes it's great when someone else is around and they say the name, what a relief.

My name is Jason, but most people that know me call me Buck...

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I can totally relate to these statements. I can meet someone today, and can't remember there name the next time I see them.

I don't get a chance to meet many of you guys there in the West (Michigan) as I do most of my fishing here around Cleveland. But, if you ever come this way, look me up. After we meet, and fish together, I may call you something other than your given name, but, I will call you anything but, late for dinner! lol

And my name is Bill.

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Tim, Al, Are the Salmon in lake Ontario realy as BIG as what I read? If so I may grab the boys and look you up some day!

Eric, thats a sweet boat you have there. (I'm assuming it's you in the avatar).

To the rest of you thanks, and let spring be near.

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