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  1. Ideally a cylinder leakage test would be the most accurate test for cylinder integrity. Justtrollin's method is a good indication of a head/gasket problem. When you pull the plugs out you can bring each cylinder to top dead centre and visually inspect the top of the piston. The pistons will have carbon on them. If you have coolant leaking into the cylinder the top of the piston will be clean instead of carboned up. Also you can drain the oil from the engine and see if any water comes out. It will come out before the oil.
  2. If you require quick disconnects look for a winch quick disconnect or the type that most tow trucks use to connect the battery booster cables
  3. Without getting into the particulars of electricity. If it is recommended to run 4awg wire, then that is what you need to run. Running a thinner wire will cause the motors lifespan to be shortened as well there are other shortcomings as well.
  4. Welcome to the site Tony.You will pick up some very good tips here. I live just up the road from you in the city of Welland.
  5. Very nice Fishsniffer. You do know that GLF is only going to use it to get a reserved parking spot. On a serious note: It is nice to see the GLF tournaments growing in size.
  6. You could look for an early 1980,s fuel injected vehicle that used an "Idle speed stepper motor". They will work off of 12 volts DC. Some later model vehicles used this as well. Instead of a reostat you could use a potentiometer. Automotive application: TPS-throttle position sensor. They are a 3 wire sensor.
  7. Mike

    Close Call

    Tree cutting is a science. Good thing you are only sore, get well soon and take it easy for a bit.
  8. Palm Treo 750 with windows mobile
  9. Isn't this what happens to all sports. The governing body gets to much control and makes changes that are in the best interest of the governing body which alienates the fan and ticket payer. F1 is a prime example.
  10. The only car manufactured and assembled in the U.S. is the Toyota Camry, the others are assembled in Canada. Maniac1 I see your point, some of the legendary old stuff was actually dynoed at twice the rated output. There are way 2 many rules in nascar today and it certainly has moved a longways from its roots. One thing to keep in mind when we look at a track like Daytona is Nascar mandates a restrictor plate for driver safety as well as FAN safety, the tracks are just not designed to let all the ponys out. And as far as electric cars, and hybrids. Your country and mine can not afford to keep looking at the gasoline engine as a viable means of transportation. As efficient as a gasoline motor is today, you still lose 2/3 of all the power made to thermal,friction and other losses. Thats enough for now. Did someone say Ethanol!! Well don,t get me going on that one. Does anyone know why GM purchased over 20% of Toyota(the short version)
  11. Romantic Dinner, Movie, Dancing. And most important, Let your wife know you will pick her up from her night out after you are done fishing!
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