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  1. Thank-You very much for sharing...special place in my heart for big lakers. What rods do you find work best when jigging?
  2. What size spin-n-glows do you generally fish? I have fished all sizes and caught fish on all of them behind tin cans primarily, but am curious if you find one size better than another. Tight Lines and Thanks for your reports.
  3. If anyone needs an extra crewman for this event let me know as I'll be up for the Dreamweaver, but no ride on Saturday.
  4. Yeah, I would say letting the board slide is easily prevented if fighting it to the boat properly, and if slippage is an issue (shouldn't be with a properly adjusted board) use the technique described above.
  5. Yuck it up Tommy. I'm OK with the boat, it's the trailer that gave me issues...once. It pays to be short sometimes;)
  6. Nice catch. I hope you guys burned out your luck:D Heard from a reliable source it was slow way south today. This weather tonight and tomorrow is going to screw up any pattern...except for the one the southern boys put together in the AM. By the way...walleye don't count..trash fish:no:
  7. It's been slow from the mouth up to the BS dam...hopefully we'll get a push of fish in the near future.
  8. If $$ was no option (gas, slip, rigging)...Tiara 4200 Open Tournament Series. That wouldn't be overkill for the great lakes. If we're talking silly stupid overkill bad a$$ give me a Hatteras Sportfishing Convertible-min 50'. More practical and realistic I'd be taking a close look at a Hewes Craft w/ twin outboards for year round fishing and low maintenance...plus with those hulls you could fish in about anything you would be comfortable to do so in.
  9. Six point and 9 point with my bow-both in October. Shot a doe up north on opening AM. Hunted hard during the late season with no success, but all in all certainly can't complain about the 2007 season! Congrats to all the successfull hunters.
  10. Thanks for the report-love fishing lakers up that way...always wanted to fish Isle Royal (we have a cabin on Clearwater near Grand Marais).
  11. Ha Ha-don't quit your day job to become a comedian.
  12. I was referring to the "salmon is a salmon" part of the comment...you seem to understand the rule by mentioning the number 3, but it's the salmon is a salmon logic that trips people up. Much easier to call them by species. Tight lines and screw you Adjusted:angry2:...it was dark
  13. Coho and kings are different species you may have 5 total no more than 3 of one species. 3 coho and 2 kings or 3 kings and 2 coho are both acceptable limits.
  14. I cannot imagine running anything other than Walleye Boards for pulling core...JMO, but it is way easier and quicker than setting a spread with big boards.
  15. I agree...I have a couple, but have no idea what application to try with them.
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