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  1. The tribes do a ton of work involving fish studies and habitat studies which is presented to the DNR. It is easier for them to do this with the grant monies they receive from the feds and it benifits EVERYONE not just the "Redskins". Thank your forfathers for what they agreed to.
  2. http://www.muskegonsportfishing.org/ Here is the link to the registration forms. Hope you guys can make it.
  3. There is a couple running around Muskegon and G.Rapids area. There was a group of three that were at Bike time and also at the blessing.
  4. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a tag along let me know.
  5. http://www.captgarys.com/ Talk to Vince....
  6. I tried to get out at Snug today. Ice was 1 1/2 inches so we turned around and loaded back up it just seemed to get thicker as we went out we run down and and launched at the causeway and tried with no success for walleye. Rode out by the Big lake and lots of little bergs floating.
  7. Monark is first in line with book in the mail. Please pass it to dcralston and then to Big tuna. Please keep it passing when your through.
  8. Thanks Mike! Holiday inn Muskegon Doors open 5:00pm Thursday March 26 The fish is Perch and two others one is usually cajun redfish and something else. See me for tickets
  9. The annual banquet is March 26 Tickets are $75.00. You get an all you can eat fish dinner and a door prize worth $35.00 and entry into a drawing for a chance to win one of five grand prizes worth $1000.00 each. There are several raffles through out the night for fish trips and gear and hunting stuff. It is sold out every year with 350 people. It is one you do not want to miss. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. I have a copy Of Keating on Kings that If anybody would like to borrow and promise to pass on to the next guy let me know and I can get it to you. Kinda like a pay it forward.
  11. I never took the time to keep a log but I have log books from the 70's through the mid eighty's that my grandfather kept. I never had the self discipline to do that. It is pretty interesting to look at the trips he had on Lake Michigan aboard "The Touge" I believe I spelled it right. Some of the older Muskegon guys might remember him. So if anything your kids might like it someday.
  12. minnow

    Elk hunting

    The story -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well first, I am a tribal member. I was drawn as an alternate hunter for either season. So I went to the august orientation, the tribal hunters that had tags where there so my chances were slim. Well the December hunt rolls around and I had no plans to hunt since the september hunt did not pan out for me. Well the Monday the 9th of December I get a call saying there is a cow tag with my name on it since the other hunter could not make it to the orientation. I decided that I would have to give it a shot with the little time I had to do it. Well after checking with a few fellow M.S. guys I got in touch with Dennis Casselman thanks to srconnell22 we got times set up for last friday. After a discouraging day thursday it was good to have somebody who new the area and where the critters might be hiding. Dennis and Preston had found some cows bedded down and put us on them. I had a shot of around 80 yards so I made the first shot right in the front shoulders with a 220 grain remington core loc30.06 which put her to her knees for a second and then as Preston said I put 1 more in her as she looked like she was trying to get back up and that one ended up in the lungs which put her right back to the ground for good. As it turns out the Bay mills Tribal officers were not to far away to feild check the kill and they were kind enough to help drag the elk to the road along with my dad,dennis,Preston and myself. Dennis and his son Preston know this area very well from what I could tell. They are a couple true sportsman and I can not thank them enough.
  13. Did anybody here get an elk permit or know someone who did? I have a cow permit for area D I am looking to fill this week. Could use some info as to where to start.
  14. I have done a few around here with the wife and kids. The kids had a blast! It is good family fun outside the house.
  15. www.norwalkpower.com I have bought 2 saws from them and they have real good prices and will thow in some extras if you talk them into it. I have a husky 455 and a 575 and have had no problems with either. Oh and if you buy online no taxes.
  16. I find it unfortunate that it hurts the businesses that rely so heavily on bait sales. IMO Give it time and the hunting throughout the state will improve greatly. The deer will browse more and become less nocturnal.
  17. I was out friday also and stayed away from the circus and had a 5 fish limit by 7:05. Sometimes it is just better to shut the radio off snd do your own thing.
  18. Vince is the proud owner of Capt Gary's. He is a darn good captain and he knows his products in his business.
  19. Now you just got to connect in a couple months...
  20. The 70's are a little far back for me Mike I was barely around back then.
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