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  1. The tribes do a ton of work involving fish studies and habitat studies which is presented to the DNR. It is easier for them to do this with the grant monies they receive from the feds and it benifits EVERYONE not just the "Redskins". Thank your forfathers for what they agreed to.
  2. http://www.muskegonsportfishing.org/ Here is the link to the registration forms. Hope you guys can make it.
  3. There is a couple running around Muskegon and G.Rapids area. There was a group of three that were at Bike time and also at the blessing.
  4. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a tag along let me know.
  5. http://www.captgarys.com/ Talk to Vince....
  6. I tried to get out at Snug today. Ice was 1 1/2 inches so we turned around and loaded back up it just seemed to get thicker as we went out we run down and and launched at the causeway and tried with no success for walleye. Rode out by the Big lake and lots of little bergs floating.
  7. Monark is first in line with book in the mail. Please pass it to dcralston and then to Big tuna. Please keep it passing when your through.
  8. Thanks Mike! Holiday inn Muskegon Doors open 5:00pm Thursday March 26 The fish is Perch and two others one is usually cajun redfish and something else. See me for tickets
  9. The annual banquet is March 26 Tickets are $75.00. You get an all you can eat fish dinner and a door prize worth $35.00 and entry into a drawing for a chance to win one of five grand prizes worth $1000.00 each. There are several raffles through out the night for fish trips and gear and hunting stuff. It is sold out every year with 350 people. It is one you do not want to miss. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. I have a copy Of Keating on Kings that If anybody would like to borrow and promise to pass on to the next guy let me know and I can get it to you. Kinda like a pay it forward.
  11. I never took the time to keep a log but I have log books from the 70's through the mid eighty's that my grandfather kept. I never had the self discipline to do that. It is pretty interesting to look at the trips he had on Lake Michigan aboard "The Touge" I believe I spelled it right. Some of the older Muskegon guys might remember him. So if anything your kids might like it someday.
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