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Top 5 Steelhead Baits


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1. Chip's Shanster regular-sized Stinger

2. Buffalo Bill regular-sized Fuzzy Bear

3. Holly Christmas regular-sized Stinger

4. Jawbreaker regular-sized Stinger

5. Orange Killer regular-sized Stinger

Honorable Mention: Double Orange Crush regular-sized Stinger, Razberry Dolphin regular-sized Stinger, Red Killer regular-sized Stinger, Perch regular-sized Stinger and Orange Dolphin regular-sized Stinger

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1. Hand painted Tad Polly by heddon

2. Hand painted hot-n-tot By thin fin befor storm bought it

3. Fresh skein tied on a pacific coast snell rig on spinning rig fished like live shrimp and squid.

4. Fly rig with blood leaches

5. and yarn flies tipped with a single egg.

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I forgot one. On occasion we have enjoyed huge returns running the Fisher Tackle Co. Twin Slam in Orange glow. These are a tandem in-line spinner rig with silver blades and large orange super glow beads. On both riggers, dipsies, and off the boards.

An Oslo would also work wll too I figure, as would most spinners. Just another tool in the arsenal.

Give 'em a try!

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