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  1. Fishchecker Flies! made in NY by a fishchecker for NY DEC. tested and proven in Mexico Lake Ontario.
  2. 32.08 pound king 12 pound steelie
  3. 32.06 pounds 8th place NY LOC derby 2009
  4. last year we ran these with great success. late july and early august the blue dolphin run deep on the riggers with a hammer fly did the damage with the green doing nothing. late season staging kings the blue did nothing and the green dolphin was smokin off the wire dipsey with the hammer fly. this was on lake O mexico bay area.
  5. got sick on friday and hit the salmon river in N, I have never had so many steelhead on. had about 20 steelies on and a mix of asalmon in there also. couldnt ask for a better day but no rain.. saturday worked around the house. sunday headed to the deer woods finally and sat in the tree stand for 1.45 hours and along comes a 6 point and stops 9 yeards away. season eneded. I love the fall time!!!! fur and fins all weekend good luck all... nice female chinook one of many steelies on end of a great weekend!
  6. Took out Brad from Savant Spoon company and his friend Scott from NH. started out in 15 fow at 5:30 am and proceded to put a hurtin on the staging kings until 8am when the sun came out. green glow ladderback jplug 50 feet back down 5 feet and flat lined green glow and white glow jplugs back 100,115 feet did the damage. The salmon river needs water bad but the fish are ready as you can see in the pic.
  7. they are right i used to have one, you will get blow back and if it gets just on the side of the cone of the transducer you might not pick up the signal or you will get goofy readings like 90 degrees and 1 mph. you can try to adjust your trandsduce so it angles more away from the boat . that way when you troll at faster speeds the back of the boat sits farther in the water and the angle of the transducer will be shooting back into the swaying ball. batteries- keep a good supply of them and not cheep ones, the water is cold down there and the temp will eat them up fast and give you false reading or no readings. if your not getting water seapage from the lake you will definatly get condensation from being in the cold water then brining it up in the warm air temps. since the probes are not sealed from the battery area the cond. will leak into the wiring. check the battery connection terminal also. the cheep radio shack ones they use come apart after taking the batteries out so much. personally i like it when i first got it but the more i used it the more i hated it. i liked the no coated wire but since then i have sold it and went to a coated cable down speed unit. too many headaches with it for me. hope this helped some.
  8. for sale a 1995 9.9 hsp Johnson 2 stroke outboard. long shaft, remote steer. comes with extra new carb kit for it . $850.00 OBO located in central NY or can bring it to Mexico Bay area on lake Ontario.
  9. finally go the boat on the water, after a new bottom paint job and installing of a new 15hsp kicker we made it out in the morning. fished 15fow in front of selkirk shores to the salmon river. water was still cold with temps from 49-53 deg. rosemarys baby on the rigger did 2 down 6 feet and smithwick took another one off the boards. only fished till 10 am. the water was like glass when we got out but kicked up fast with 3 footers so we called it a morning. all in all not to bad for a fast fish and shake down. heres the first fish of 2007 hoping they get bigger at least from here!
  10. Hey Baydog, I purcahsed one just like it last year and what room in the back. It handels the waves great and with the dual gas tanks and kicker it was a treat on gas campared to running the 350 merc all the time. My brother in law has the 23 foot version of it and after fishing on his i had to get one. does it have the cut out on the transom for the kicker with all the controls pre rigged. everyone that seen that at camp loved that feature and i have to agree with them. good luck with it!
  11. sold please remove thanks.... new home pittsburgh Pa.
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