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met Ben Lubbs And Bob (corallee) at the dock at 5:30 went out to 45 fow set lines and trolled sw to 85 fow turned around trolled to saugy hit 45 fow and it hit the fan woohoo! we took 4 hits in a matter of 15 minute with 2 being a double, ended up with one 12 lb king and two lakers lost another laker.

things that worked :

150 blood run copper 45 lb with a lemon berry silver streak spoon took the king.

150 blood run copper with a glow fire dog jp slammer took a laketrout

rigger down 43 witha killer green glow jp slammer took a lake trout

and rigger down 40 with a laker taker jp slammer had a laker that was turned loose by a fish actavist lol

Ben with the first king of the year ! Had a great time with Ben And Bob Thanks for going with me!!!


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It wasn't my fault that one got away. It jumped over the boat twice and I think it was attacking Ben cause he was holding the net. It definitely was at least 600 lbs and Jimmy was fishing with 1/2 lb test so its not my fault. Last I saw it it was leaving a 3 foot wake heading straight at the boat and it was chewing on the line with a smirk on its face. Other than that it was a great trip with great people. Thanks Jimmy, sure was great to finally get on the water this year. Hoping to get my boat out tomorrow morning if the 40% chance of storms gives me a break.

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