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  1. Had a good time fishing with Dave and crew. My son told me he likes big lake fishing better than river fishing...
  2. I saw a pic posted the other day of a salmon caught on one. I'm sure they do work.
  3. My son and I spent Saturday at a pier on Lake Michigan looking for some stray summer runs, kangs, browns, or whatever else might bite. The water temp was just under 60*, so I expected to find some bait lurking around and possibly some predators. Bucket full of alewife, we're ready to rock! After we got our bait collected, we set out three rods with sliding pyramid sinkers. It didn't take long to get some action. First fish of the day! It wasn't what we were looking for, but we'll take it! Next fish was Dad's, and while it was a decent fish, I was still falling behind. Kid gets another fish on, another nice one! The last fish of the day was a screamer, I thought for sure it was gonna be a kang. He easily had a 100 yards of line out before my son got him turned around. Ended up being this feller... We ended up spending about 12 hours out there, catching sheephead until our shoulders hurt. It turned into a beautiful day with lots of barely dressed ladies. We might not have caught our target species, but sometimes the bi-catch can be just as much fun.
  4. That's why the call them kings! I prefer to catch them myself, but I'm not above catching a laker or a brown.
  5. Same experience with Vanish, however Berkeley 100% Fluorocarbon is great.
  6. I do quite a bit of cat fishing in the summer months bobber fishin' in the river. I never really fish them much until I put together a program. It's enjoyable for my son and I to land 30 cats a half day of fishing. It definitely helps keep the attention of a young one.
  7. Use pretty much the same setup to back bounce steelhead in the rivers. Does anyone have a location to buy those sinkers by bulk..?
  8. I pretty much only use Pautzke's Firecure for my eggs... Just follow the directions..
  9. I use a variety of techniques... After curing, I'll lay them out to dry for 4-10 hours.. Just depends on how you want them.
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