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Biting flies Help !!

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What works the best for me is to wear pants and long sleeve shirt and forget to tell your fishing partners to do the same :)

Honestly though, the lightweight nylon pants and a UV flats fishing shirt seem to be the only things that work.

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Juls from the Walleye Central web site tried this stuff and said it worked great.


I bought some at the local Tractor Supply Store and my fishing partner was getting bitten on Friday, he tried it and they quit bothering him. We have not had bad flies yet since I found this stuff, but, If Juls says it works I bet its good.

Paul C.

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I use 50% water and 50% bleach mix in a spray bottle I spray the entire back of the boat but I have a wash down deck too, so be carefull with getting it on your cloths also I have a can of OFF to spray down with not to bad.

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I have a hard time thinking thermocells would work on a moving vessel, but what the heck....give it a try.

I am in Mike's camp.

I wear long pants (very think nylon wind pants) and a long sleeve UV resistance shirt.

The guys laugh at me when leaving the dock....then swear at me when they start getting bit.:lol:

It's not my first rodeo. Also a good way to prevent sun burn on the back of your legs without spraying too much stinky sun screen on the boat.

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