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  1. Northwoods in Pinconning had replacement x 4 probes for $219 and x 4 d probes for $ 249 last week.
  2. Fished out of Bay City in 13 fow from 4 til 6pm. Ton of bites but no solid hookups. Moved to 4 fow around 6:30 in front of the trailer park. Marked several fish only had 2 hookups with numerous bites. Bloody nose and clown moonshine was working for me. Early bites were on smallest jigging rapalla in chartreuse w/red and crome. Fish were biting the minnow off and just leaving the head. Caught a very large laker Saturday am. Will post a picture if I can figure out how to get it off my cell phone.
  3. Finally made it back out. Limited out by 6:30 with some nice eaters. Fished 3.7 miles NE of Linwood in 19.5 FOW. Blue and Crome rapalla early and then moonshine bloody nose spoon as sun was setting. The small size lures were best. Nearly every fish seen on the finder bite.
  4. Fished out of Linwood yesterday. Fished NE about 4 miles 19 - 20 fow 3 spots. No bites. Fished about 5 miles out across the crack no bites. Moved SE inside crack in 17 fow about 3.5 miles from Linwood. Marked a bunch of fish with most stopping to look at offering. After about 20 lure changes finally managed to ice a keeper on a dark blue back with perch body jigging rapalla. One snowmobile had no spark when went to go in. Towed it plus 2 shanties 3.9 miles back to Linwood with . Saw 2 new smaller cracks inside the main crack one didn't look good. Guys taking their pickups out to the big crack need to be cautious IMO.
  5. Fished 3.5 miles NEW of Linwood in 19 Fow. Landed 3 walleyes in the first 45 minutes. Largest was 24" smallest was 17". Had about 20 bites between 6 and 6:30 . Lost several at the hole. Rest were on on for a couple of reel cranks and gone. Could only get a green/white shad rap to go till just before dark. Had 2 hits on a doctored up gray shad rap.
  6. Fished 3.5 miles east of Linwood by the crack. 20 fow. No walleyes but did get a 24" whitefish. Had many lookers but couldn't get them to go. Changing color combinations would bring in the lookers but couldn't find any color they would bite. Whitefish came on a glow perch shad rap tipped with a walleye minnow.
  7. I've use it to hang bird feeders out or reach of bears and to squirrel proof them. Also used it to convert non-tattle tale walleye boards to tattle tale boards by using in place of the wire that connects the rear release to the flag. To be a successful fisherman go yesterday
  8. Hoping for some safe ice on Saginaw bay this year so I can chase some "eye's". Only made it out a few times last year.
  9. I believe Tj's right about the Lake Michigan fishery. I too fished the "Huron collapse" and she wasn't pretty. Emacipated fish with ribs showing mature females ready to spawn @ 10-12 #'s and mature males that looked like sleek torpedos. I still fish the Alpena area as well as the Holland area. The spring bite at Holland was as good this year as last year in the cold water. Watching the posted pictures from lake Michigan kings this year indicate that some were probably not getting enough to eat but the majority were as shown by the weights that were recorded. The fishery managers are on top of the issues and addressing a very dynamic lake eco-system and lake Michigan shouldn't end up like lake Huron did. To be a successful fisherman you should go yesterday. [when they were really biting]
  10. Thanks Matt. Al and I had a great time even if the fish didn't cooperate like they did last weekend on lake Huron. :grin: It was reminiscent of fishing strays on lake Huron a couple of years ago.:lol:
  11. That is correct. We caught several in the ten pound range last year that were checked by DNR confirming no fin clips. Re: your smelt comment All the fish caught yesterday had various size smelt in them but no mature smelt. We believe that's why spoons didn't work but paddles and flies were hot. We marked several small bait balls in about 70 FOW at daylight with fish around them. These bait balls were not gobbies or ale wives. Figured them to be smelt. It appears there was a good class of smelt this year and bodes well for the lake Huron fishery next year. Error in first post: Managed to pull 9 LT should have said 7[seven] Kept lake trout are for the smoker and deer camp snacks. Salmon are preferred for the grill.
  12. 9 for 10 this am off Rockport w/Here Fishy Fishy from Holland. Ran over gill net setting lines around day light. Saw float and was able to pick up lines and clear net with out any issues. Set lines down and only had three set and ran into second gill net. Turned and ran East parallel to net and took first fish a nice king in about 80 FOW.38' down. Circled around between the nets and ran East parallel to the second net again. Took another nice king in about 100 FOW.50' down. Second fish took a while to land and ended up about 2 miles from the fish. when finally got back to fish area they were gone. Managed to pull 9 lake trout of various sizes. Tossed one back. Four of them were w/o fin clips. Lakers were from 50 to 100 feet down with no real pattern. Only one fish on a spoon[blue dolphin] rest of fish were on paddles and flies. One rip on a white w/black ladder back j-plug on a 250 copper but came off.
  13. I used to but don't anymore. Too hard for an old guy like me to get up. Just fish for fun now and only on nice days.
  14. Fished Rockport today. 1 for 1. Laker on mag ms Happy Meal 70 down on rigger in 120 FOW. Didn't mark many fish and no bait balls. Fished from 70 to 150 FOW.
  15. Frank's in Linwood has them. I believe you can order online from them. They were about $20 + tax. Northwood's in Pinconning occasionally has them for about$17
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