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  1. 3 hour fish 6 am start in 80 fow out to 115. Stayed in 90's most. 2 for 7. 8 lb. king on full core pearl jplug, throw back laker on DR 65 down jamacian sunrise . First fish broke off full core glow/green silver horde. 3 lost on 225 copper, and full core with blue and black splatterback green/chrome silver hordes. 10 + lb. king lost at net on UV mixed veggies free slider DR at 55. SOG 2.4-2.9. Hooked fish NE, SE, S trolls.
  2. 6 am start. Action for the first hour and half. Lost a board/300 copper/ green ladderback jplug to start the day. Phone and name on the board. ended up with 6 fish in boat for 8 hook ups. 2 small kings hooked on one line DR 55 down w/ free slider landed. 300 copper green splatterback silver horde, 7 color, braid dipsey 11" holo flasher/ mirage fly, 225 copper pearl jplug all worked. Big fish 22 lbs. w/ 2 mid teens, and 3 small kings. 2.6-2.8 SOG. fished 120-85 fow. Much bait and fish marked.
  3. 6 pm start at 120 out to 140 fow with 1 6 lb. king, for 2 in 128 RV moonshine 60 down, and wire diver 11" holo paddle with mirage fly 2 1/2 back 150. Turned back in and ended up the night with 3 more kings 8-17 lbs. 50-60 down on riggers- Jamaican sunrise, Gator UV, RV moonshine and wire diver (same as first). 5 for 7 total. Forgot GPS Unit so did it the old way (cable hum and angle of DR cable).
  4. Sorry to report that I really didn't notice or can remember any noticeable current like we had Saturday
  5. Fished 86-140 fow. All fish hooked in 90-105. 4 for 6. 2.4-2.9 sog. All fish had East of direction of troll, E, NE, SE. Hardly any flies. DR UV gator @ 50 steelhead, DR 45 Orange UV ? @45 steelhead. Full core blue dolphin 18 lb. king. lost SH on 7 color DOC. lost salmon on rigger @ 50 Jamaican sunrise. 4 lb. coho on DR @ 50 on RV wonderbread.
  6. Finally got out for 2013. Not like last year, or years before. Many equip. malfunctions from losing a cannonball, wire diver mess to battery dieing, cutting the night short. Always nice to have spare batteries aboard. 3 for 4 ( king, coho, laker ) in 94-112 fow. 2.6-2.8 SOG with a S, S/E troll. full core DOC, 2 on dipsey 11" holo flasher/mirage fly set on 2 175, and 125 back. Lost fish on DR 45 down MS Rv wonderbread.
  7. 3 hour fish this morning. 100-155 fow 4 for 6. 2 5 lb. coho, a steelhead and a laker. All fish hooked off riggers 90, 120, and 110 down. Mt. Dew/pickled sunshine, and MS RV Wonderbread. Dipseys and coppers were untouched. caught or hooked fish W, E, and N. Marked bait balls and scattered fish mainly in the 120's.
  8. After a 5 week break from the big lake we started at 160 West to 200, 1 for 2 130 and 115 down off riggers MS RV Wonderbread and Mt. Dew and No see um glow bead fly. Back east going 2 for 3. 1 on MS RV again at 120, and 1 on wire mag dipsey 200 back, 1 1/2 setting with chrome/blue Spin Doctor/Blue Bubble, and fish broke off w/ free slider MS RV Wonderbread rigger set at 120. Marked bait balls scattered pretty much everywhere from 80 fow out. Radio chatter had guys in the 80-110 fow doing pretty good.
  9. 1-3's, occassional bigger wave, Went 3 for 8. Big change as the water temps have fallenl. Started Started in 17 fow 60 degree surface, and worked out to 70's. 1 fish in 42 caught on 7 color/Wonderbread RV, and lost 3 ( 38 fow, 55, 66 on rigger @ 45/Wonderbread, Rigger @ 55 freeslider UV Gator Stinger in 60 fow, Rigger @ 55 Blue Flounder RV. Turned in and took 2 for 3 as sun set. 1 on 100 copper UV Mixed Veggies in fow, Lost 2 in 50? fow rigger UV Stinger blue dots on chrome @ 55, and Flounder pounder @ 45. 1 on braid diver, setting 3 150 back in 48 fow with SD glow/crush and BW Philapeno Popper fly. Ended at dark with surface temp of 53. Brrrrrrr ! Didn't see any concentrated bait, but found some scattered bait in 40's.
  10. My wife cursing and swearing at them didn't work if that helps at all.
  11. After a great morning fish, took the wife out to battle some kings in the heat. 7:30 start. Found the fish seemed to move out some and a little deeper. After 45 minutes of washing lures dropper one rigger to 120 and RV Moonshine goes with good fish landed in 138 fow. worked the 130-140's with 4 releases 90-120 down and 2 low teen fish landed. Turned in towards sundown and went 3 for 10, with a few more nothing there releases on riggers 65 and 85 down with free sliders (Moonshine spoons) and dipseys/Mt. Dew SD/Pickled Sunshine fly- 5 fish on 1 breaking off. 4 for 10 all teens. A good night hearing the wife laugh and moan with the fish and curse at the flies,and curse at the flies, and curse at .....
  12. Same program, same result, Same area as Sat., Sun, and Wed..... 9 for 17. 2 Steelhead, 7 low/mid teens, 2 broke off and lost 6 others. Will this last ? Crazy.
  13. Great trip. It was a fun morning out there. Sorry to hear about the loss. I lost a board Sat. and got a call Monday morning, it was found. There are good guys out there too!
  14. Fished same area as last weekend. 80-140 fow NW/NE went 10 for 17 (6 steelhead, 3 kings and a coho). Mainly steelhead lost while jumping from what was seen. What worked dipsey's- Braid @ 175 back setting 2 1/2- Mt. Dew spin doctor/Flo' lime ? fly and Wire diver setting 2 1/2 chrome/blue spin doctor/blue bubble setting 2 1/2. HOT Rig was a free slider on DR @ 75 with Dreamweaver SS ? Silver with holo orange tape and gold ladderback took 2 SH, 1 King, and 1 coho, and lost 3, with 4 releases. UV gator DR @ 65 took 1. 7 color/mod. blue dolphin took 1, UV mixed veggies took 1, 2 rips. SH broke off a pro troll holo' purple/mirage fly on 300 copper. Did not get a hit or rip going SE or SW.
  15. Thanks Kevin again. I was and have been running 36" on them and the 8" pro trolls, and 48-52" on the big paddles. Also running 50 lb. with gama' octopus and owner treble. I'll try the lime green glow beads. Have been putting 3-4 milky white glow beads on the rigs. For Kevin, I had crushed glow ice tape on one flat side of " spinney".
  16. Thanks for the radio report. Switched the 2 dipsey spin doctor color combos that weren't working to Mountain Dew/Pickled sunshine and added to the box. Radio wasn't sending so I couldn't personally thank you.
  17. Back out to 78 fow., where we fished Saturday eve'. Couldn't find the steelhead from the day before. NW troll, 1 steelhead on 225 copper/8" pro troll holo' purple flasher and matching fly. 2 rigger releases, nothing on way out to 140. Worked back in NE and found bait balls and kings in 112-90 fow. Back and forth on west and east trolls taking 8 kings, 7 mid teens. 2 dipsey/spin doctors setting 3, 200 and 175 back with Mountain Dew/Pickled Sunshine (thanks Wild at Heart on radio) Lost 3. 1 UV gator DR @ 75 1 Flounder Pounder DR @ 65, lost 1 1 MS Bloody Nose full core 1 Spongebob free slider DR @ 75 1 MS Nell's Limit, 1 lost 1 UV Mixed veggies, 1 lost
  18. 5:50 start North of PS, with stepson and his friend. Started in 75 fow west troll. Couldn't get all rods down for first 45 minutes-hour. Ended up 14 in the box, and released a 2 lb. king. Lost 5, with a few rips on dipsey/flasher/flies. Fished 75-170 fow, with a West/NW and East troll several times. Crazy beginning 9 fish, a lull, picking up 3 in the middle and ended with a triple landed of 11-13 lb. kings at dark. What worked: UV Gator on DR @ 75 took 3 steelhead. UV Mixed Veg. took 1 steelhead. 225 copper Mod Blue Dolphin 1 steelhead. 100 copper/Green Dolphin 1 steelhead. DR @ 75 area 51 2 steelhead and 1 laker. Dipsey 150 back on 2 Glow crushed ice Spin Doctor/Proctologist fly 1 king. DR @ 65 MS Bloody Nose 1 king. DR @ 55 ET 1 king. Freeslider DR @ 55 Lemon Ice 1 released king. 225 Copper MS Flounder Pounder 1 king. Craigs Steelhead free slider on DR @ 75 1 coho. SOG GPS 2.8-3.4 West/NW, 2.4-3.0 East/NE Lost a planer board at dark, with my name/phone number on it.
  19. Out with wife. Ended up 3 for 7 all steelhead, 9-11 lbs. 2.6-3.0 SOG. 1 in 85 fow DR at 55 with Blue dolphin and had one in 87 FOW break off DOC on 7 color. Found massive bait balls in 74-77 fow on way back in, several passes through hooked 5 on 100 copper with blue dolphin, full core with mod blue dolphin, 7 color with lemon ice.
  20. Finally out after 3 week break. 7:40 late start, 80 fow. DR 70 down Area 51 14 lb. King while setting 3rd rod in 87 fow. 10 lb. Steelhead on 225 copper / spongebob in 90 fow. Another SH on ET, DR 65 down. Lost 4, 1 dipsey 150 back 1.5 11" glow with blue bubble. Bloody Nose 70 down. 300 copper JP Slammer Orange/silver. DR 55 down on hammertime. Great evening, a little rain with rainbows in the sky.
  21. Thanks for the report. It's time to add some UV spoons to the war chest.
  22. 7 pm had rods in water, 80 fow in front of sliders. worked SW troll to 148, and turned out to troll back towards pier. Lost fish 65 down on DR at 150ish on purple ? spoon. headed North in same range and took 6 lb. king on chrome/blue spinney/blue/pearl fly, and a 4 lb. king off DR 70 down on area 51 spoon. Lost one other on 10 color Glow MJ spoon. Speed was 2.8-3.0 SOG. Toughest fish this season, but enjoyed it as usual !
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