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  1. had them come in close to watch us fight a fish and run over our planner boards and then yell at us,big pain in the ..... they are
  2. maybe,but usually when I have problems with another boat its the wife or kids driving it.Of course sometimes its because everbody in the boat is watching the poles and nobodys looking foward and I know some like to fish alone but watch out for them!,hes going to the right,no hes going to the left,no whats he doing,oh his fishing by himself. GL Randy
  3. wow nice we just didnt get into them last night
  4. didnt do much one small one and a 8# coho on 100 copper with maglion? beef in 116fow was back at the dock at 830 as fishing partner had a early meeting in the morning. as usual sounded like some were doing well and others not
  5. thanks Ross,I just spooled up a 100 copper for tonight,and found another 5 color.I will post how it goes. Randy
  6. going out this afternoon and would like to know where to start thanks Randy
  7. Havent been out with the weather being bad,all I can tell you watch out for the nets! The last ones I seen were very hard to see.
  8. it was trickey today with the current alot of the time went by the cable hum and bubbles off the cable ,I dont have speed at the ball
  9. nothing early and nothing hot but 300 copper and 10 colors did the best. a glow spoon with orange edge and black dots was good,couple hits on monkey puke,blue moonshine,flounder pounder. Water was 65 at the pier heads but we went back out to 125 to 155 fow with lots of bait fish marked. 8 fish with no kings,nice steelheads and coho with one laker,lost alot fish. Dipsys were very slow. Question: should we have tried something different to catch kings,out of the last 20 fish caught only 3 or 4 have been kings
  10. had a good morning,got out early and didnt do anything for awhile and then just started picking away.went 9 for 12 with 3 guys from kansas that had a great time,nothing big this trip 1laker,1 king,3 steelhead,and 4 coho(nice ones) 120-130 fow was best 50 -65 down,300 copper did the best a blue glow moonshine,flounder pounder,moonshine with black dots? were the best lures
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