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  1. Great Gazoo

    tying 2 colors of lead to copper

    Hmmm, interested.
  2. Great Gazoo

    Meat Rigs?

    Do you guys run the lead from flasher to meat rig the same as you would with a fly, or longer?
  3. Great Gazoo

    Muskegon 5/9 am

    Well done! Went 10-13 in Grand Haven 5-9am. All nice healthy looking kings.
  4. Great Gazoo

    Holland Buoy

    Awesome news. I encourage everyone, if you use the buoy at all and can afford a small donation, to donate. https://www.gofundme.com/psbuoy
  5. Great Gazoo

    Port Sheldon Buoy

    I have been trying to send them my donation the last few days but get this message... "There's an issue with this Campaign Organizer's account. Our team has contacted them with the solution! Please ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account"
  6. Great Gazoo

    best reels for wire rods

    Okuma CV-30 or Okuma CW303D
  7. Great Gazoo

    351 wont run properly

    Had a similar issue once. Turned out the cap was getting moisture in it while it ran.
  8. Great Gazoo

    how to run a big white paddle properly

    Makes sense. Just to be clear.. Main line to swivel, to bead chain, 2-3 feet leader, to swivel to paddle?
  9. Great Gazoo

    how to run a big white paddle properly

    Yes. Main line. 20#.. Should I be running 30# for paddle / fly? I figure it has to be getting twisted in the release, somehow.
  10. Great Gazoo

    how to run a big white paddle properly

    Guys, why am I breaking paddles off this year at my release on a rigger? It has happened 2-3 times. I don't think I'm doing anything different than I usually do. I don't understand. The rod releases and the paddles gone. I've also popped the release intentionally, only to have the paddle break off. Using Blacks release.
  11. Great Gazoo

    cush it

    Buy the smaller sized one. I have one, but it's too big and uncomfortable.
  12. Great Gazoo

    Port Sheldon producing?

    Man, I love the yearly bitching posts about Port Sheldon. To me, that just means, it's close.
  13. Great Gazoo

    going outta Holland in the am.

    West... Water warmed up, considerably.
  14. Great Gazoo

    Muskegon 6/28

    Wish the other two captains would write reports like this instead of cluttering up the first page. Thank you captain Brian.