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I took Jim, and Keith out tonight. both are new to this, but love the salmon.

we set up in 90 fow on a NW troll, and started seeing fish after 130 fow. Our best action was in 130-140 fow anywhere from 70-120 down. Blue Line Silver Streak, and Blue Dolphin on the riggers, and My Big white paddle, and Big Weenie Poofster did the most dammage.

Riggers set at 85-110 down, and divers set to run just below them.

We ended the night a dismal 11 of 23. A bunch of the fish would be on for just a few shakes, then off.

The highlight of the night was after the sun set and, we had made it back to %50 when 5 rods went off at once. ( I think we only got 2 of them in)

The guys had a blast. Good luck if you go this weekend.


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Thanks Ken. This past week I have also had an unusual poor ratio. They must not be striking hard enough or something.

You got a nice mess of fish there!

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