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  1. i agree and this year is looking to be the same the grand is as low as i ever seen it and clear
  2. anybody else noticing fewer amount of fall steel in the rivers the last couple of years just curious what people thoughts are on the fact that does less salmon mean less fall steel its beginng to look that way from last couple of years noticed a lot less out in the lake also just curious what people thoughts are im on the river alot and hope its not a sign of things to come
  3. looking for someone who does quality rod building have two rainshadows that i need tied up if anybody knows of someone any info would be great
  4. have a 70 horse tiller evenrude jet want to convert to front center steering on 17ft roughneck just wondering is it costly and where to look any help would be appreciated thanks
  5. Dont here much about the lower grand like you do other rivers going on a look around trip launching at gravel pits sun just curious if its any good for steel not asking for spots have fished long enough to know what to look for just dont want to waste alot of time thxs
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