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ok... shake down part 3....

Well I can almost call it a non shake down as the only problem I ran into was using the med. release pinch pads, they dont pop well in 5 FOW.

None the less after re mounting my trees last night till midnight, I slept in till 7:30. I stopped and filled up the gas tank for the kicker , all .5 gallons of it and I was off to pick up my father in law.

After a cup of coffee and a breif wait at the launch we set lines in the channel and worked our way out to 40 FOW trying to drag up a laker or two, sadly it didnt work.

Now that we got ourselfs back on track we headed for the skinny water and got the boat positioned on the inside sandbar (5 FOW) 3 hours later we were 3-3 with 3 NICE browns.

12#, 8#, 6#

2 fish came on thin fish copper/pink

1 fish came on a UV Jointed storm firetiger minnowstick

We found water from 37 all the way to 43 on the sandbars and marked 2 piles of bait in 10 FOW.

We ran 30 foot leads from the boards to the lures (if that helps any)

Here is what you all have been waiting for :)



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Fished from 6-8:30 tonight.....


Lake was dead flat calm.... trolled in close for an hour, with nothing going.

Swung out to 40 FOW and dropped 2 riggers down on the bottom for anything that may be lurking. (IE laker) and took a hit on a Brads mini cut plug packed with tuna.

10 minutes later we boxed a 3# coho. Trolled for 20 more minutes and went home.

It was a great night on the water with my wife and friends.

Interesting fact of the day is the water temp in close went up 6 degees today on the same section of water I fished this morning.


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