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  1. Beautiful bird ! I think you shot the last one in Michigan.
  2. Great fish out of a darn good fishing lake. With that one gone, maybe the lake will have more walleye and smallmouth to catch.
  3. In my case it has been strictly professional at first and then ending up being friends. I have landed some very good companies that make very good products that I use, and am more than willing to promote, every chance I get.
  4. I angle mine off the back corner and run it straight back. Never had a problem with my kicker. Remember, that cable is on quite an angle back wards. If it was straight up and down it may become a problem , but still pretty unlikely.
  5. I agree with Sherm wholeheartedly on this one. Chamberlains are the best release currently on the market. Bar none.
  6. Drawback...higher chance of loosing your balls.
  7. Buoy's 1 and 2 are at the end or beginning of the channel, depends if you are coming or going. :confused:With that said they are the end buoy's farthest from Bay City.
  8. Hahaha, it doesn't take much to convince a fisherman he needs to go to the bait shop !
  9. Had them in the lake at the cottage 2 weeks ago. Very cool:thumb:
  10. Nice pic. Got to love those Ludington currents. They are always present.
  11. Beautiful Brown ! I have seen some dandy's come out of there over the years.
  12. Before you buy a used glass boat have a marine survey done on it. Best money you will spend.
  13. Got to agree with Ed on this one. And in the past I have camped there at the marina. Very convenient to be steps from your boat.
  14. Your knockoffs were more than likely coho. They like to swipe at the bait with their mouths closed, injure it and come back to eat it.
  15. I like to pin mine with a rubber band.
  16. Nice fish Frank. They sure are healthy. I wonder if the lack of ice and ice fishermen on the Bay last winter is one of the reasons for such a good fishery so far this open water season.
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