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2010 year end total report

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2010 ended up being a lot like the last 2 years for WAH.

52 trips 6.2 average per trip

323 fish landed, 452 bites, 71% hook to land ratio

179 kings 3 18#

71 lake trout 13#

15 steel head 9.5#

48 coho

9 browns 3#

1 whitefish 3#

$2502.00 in cash and prizes. Expenses=who keeps track of negitives?

We caught the most coho for a season, also browns. Kings numbers still continue to drop slightly. Overall weight of the fish was down, but I don't track that. Need to work on the "hook to land ratio", we're always in the 70's but a lot of guys say there in the 80's. May and June keep getting better, and July and August haven't been as good.

Fun was at an all time high. 90% of my trips were with 2 of my sons, and it doesn't get better than that. Boat never sputtered and didn't break or lose anything expensive except for that wire rod that jumped out of it holder in 6 footers.

Its Thanksgiving this week, so can I say, "Thanks God, for Lake Michigan and Salmon/Trout"

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Next year when I pull a skunk I will remember that all of the fish are in your cooler. A nice well rounded bunch of fish. I don't keep track that close but my numbers have been about the same the last three years. I really added fish in July and August when I started going out at 3:00 in the am. I could not get a fish in the box in the evenings so I changed stratagies. It is so nice to be the only boat at the launch site. I caught a 25 pound king in July the biggest in 4 years, so they are getting bigger.

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Finally crunched my totals, although I bet I'll still get a few more trips in this year.

Started 3/13/10 Saugatuck, last trip 11/20/10 Saugatuck.

9 steel

5 lakers

49 kings (18.2)

38 browns (10.34)

30 coho (all but 4 in St. Joe or New Buffalo)

2 white bass

1 sheepie

1 walleye

7 alewife

33 trips, 3 skunks. All in September oddly enough, one in round 5 of the WMFL trying to fish in 6's with an occasional 8 on a SE wind in 275' of water, two in the channel at Holland hoping the fish were running.

79% hit to landing ratio. Both boats ran great all year long, due to the WMFL I got to remember how bad of weather a Four Winns can absolutely not care a bit about. I remember my friend telling me when I got her that "don't buy her to fish in that, buy her to bring your @$$ home when it turns into that". First year the 215 took more fish than the 14', but by the end of river fishing that will even out and the 14' will be back in the lead.

Best year for browns to date. Hope that fishery holds up next year.

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good job Kevin, I need to catch up to your 79% hit to land ratio, and your brown trout total. If I improved 10% that would put another 40+ fish in the boat alone. Actaully I just went back and calculated our tournament hit to land ratio and we were 63 for 79 or 80%. So maybe we need to goof off less fun fishing. Either that or blame all our guests.

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I'd blame the guests.

Although we had a 10 for 17 this year with an old time fishing buddy who is really good on the stick. Lots of small kings on core, lots of triples with just the two of us in the boat.

Never lost a fish in a tournament this year; missed two. But then, we had some pretty small tournament boxes.

The last year we had great brown fishing, the spring thereafter was brutal. That said, I'm stocking up on 1 color rigs.

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actually we only fish about 2X a week, a little more on tournament weeks. 1st trip this year was 4/3 and last was 11/2. King counts have been falling off the last few years. We caught 295 in 07, 231 in 08, 188 in 09, 179 this year. These numbers I'm sure reflect the reduction in plants partly, but its a trend that concerns us. In 07 we rarely saw any bait on the ff so I think we had hungrier fish.This year we saw bait almost every trip. Thats a good sign.

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You can add two lakers, a steelie, and a king to those numbers. Wild at Heart was kind enough to join me this morning out of Holland, and after nothing on the beach his idea to work out a little deeper paid off. One color core with a silver / black flutter spoon was kind to us, firing three times in half an hour.

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Lost track after we hit 100 on my boat. I think we ended around 120.

Was good for about another 60 or so on 2 others boats. Had a good year.

Finally got some results out of leadcore, started to use snapweights effectively, ran mag dipseys with no problems, and settled on a nice spread of go to lures.

Ready for spring!

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