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  1. Yeah I'm going with the 5" , I do not want a large piece of electronics back there with me . I'm still unsure where I want to put it .
  2. Is the 7" equipped with wifi??
  3. You guys know my boat, all the electronics are on the bridge , so I've been thinking about putting a Raymarine Dragonfly 5" pro fish finder with wifi , then I can see it on my IPhone as well , thoughts from you pros? Boltman
  4. With no video hard to diagnose Boltman
  5. Words of wisdom 35 feet and under go Gassers 35-42 go diesels , you'll be hard pressed to find a 40+ boat with Gassers they just don't have the power or torque a big boat needs . Most Great Lakes "fishing" boats are Gassers because they are under 30 feet . IMHO go big or go home !!!!! Boltman
  6. As for us we won't fish in anything over 4' . It's a comfy ride for everyone else but me the one setting lines reelin in the FEESH and managing to stand up , no matter how big you go , you still rise and fall 4' with each wave . Boltman
  7. Tgafish , you couldn't be more wrong . I have a 48 ft Sea Ray sedan bridge with 700 hp MAN diesels and they aren't for running miles off shore , in fact we never lose site of shore . Diesel boats handle easier, last longer and have added value to them . You'll have to make sure you have trolling valves on it to slow it down . I had mine installed and damn they work great . I'd never buy a 36 foot Gasser boat. And oh I can make this boat sip fuel too. When I'm up on plane I'm burning 80 gallons an hour , when I'm trolling I burn less then 5 gallons an hour both engines. Diesels are the only way to go in a boat over 35' period . Pm me if you need any advice timeout!!! Boltman
  8. Nice fish in Whitehall , miss fishing this year soooo much Boltman
  9. Update on the shoulder Guys It's getting stronger everyday , not fishing strong yet, but it's happening fast I'm in strength building now using rubber bands. Massage is working well ultra sound massage is great ..., I have a long way to go but things are looking well. Boltman
  10. Way to go Orin Whitehall is awesome . Boltman
  11. Play dough I'll second that thought line , many times I'm forced to split the pair , thread the needle or even come as close as 100 yards , and I'm also a troller too. 50,70,90,110,150,200FOW it doesn't matter there's always some getting a good look at the name of my boat when fishing , and I am one of the most courteous Captains on the Great Lakes , I come in at trolling speeds and go out to deep water before I throttle up the twins of torque . That said I'm sure the Kayaker in white hall does like me at all as he decide to paddle down the middle of the channel 2 weeks ago , everyone just needs to settle down and take a nap . Boltman
  12. I call it Crap cause I can't even FISH yet , so guys stop your bitch and get out there and slaughter them FEESH Boltman
  13. Hmmm I don't drink Beer so would that be chocolate milk. Or maybe Captain Jack or some Sangria After some careful thought and a sore Arm from washing the whole boat and big waves Saturday we did not go fishing , instead we took it easy and waited for the lake to lay down and took the kid swimming , knowing you cannot catch yourself with your right arm if a wave catches you wrong , is not a good feeling , just walking on the boat is sometimes scary https://vimeo.com/135157473 Boltman
  14. Sometimes that's the only reason we go out , wash spoons and get an awesome sunset !!! It's great having my wife aboard , we can enjoy these together .!!! Boltman
  15. Yeah we will be fishing out of Whitehall , it's a very big IF though depends on the pain level of the day . Boltman
  16. I think I'm going to set three wire line dipsies this weekend , letting the rod holders do all the work and if there's a fish on , I'll let the woman of the house bring it in. Don't want to run the riggers too much work and lifting them out of the lazertte is a pain . Boltman
  17. Nice to see you mike , no fishing this year Rotator cuff surgery . Boltman
  18. Good job tell me more my arm is killing me so show me fish Boltman
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