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  1. I'm going to FF Monday pm for my last trip of the season. Any new info?
  2. This is a very unfortunate, avoidable incident. I was at Ludington 2 years ago when on a full moon night w/ no waves a boat got parked on the north pier. You should not be out there if you don't know where you are. I always put a stop sign icon on my gps out side the pier heads and I always follow a track in. I have 2 gps on my boat that are recording my track at all times. I came in after dark once when the fog was so thick I could not see the bow of my boat. It would have not been good if it wasn't for my gps. I never run blind, after dark I'm on a cushion on the seat looking over the windsheild and I'll go as slow as it takes to see what is in front of me. Please be careful out there!
  3. Me and a buddy are heading to FF to fish Sunday evening thru Tuesday afternoon. My first time at this port. Looking for advice. Also I've been hearing that meat rigs are taking fish. How do I set those up and how do I run them?
  4. We have our salmon camp in FF planned for August 28,29 & 30th. Any thoughts about that being too late in the season?
  5. Went 4 for 5. 1 on ace high green ladder back on 2 color. 1 for 2 on 2 color w/ blue flounder pounder, 2 on 8" spin dr w/ a green fly 40' back 32' down on the rigger. 35-40 fow right near the pier heads where the serious combat fishing was going on. I'm glad I was on my buds boat and not mine cause I don't do combat fishing way to intense for me. We pulled lines at 10:00 got back home at 1:30 am. We weighed the fish at 9 this morning. The largest over 22# and a total of 82# for the 4 fish. These are the 4 biggest salmon I've ever caught! What an awesome night! GOOD LUCK!
  6. Would you use a slider on a swr?
  7. My down speed is always slower than my gps speed no matter which direction I troll. I'm concerned that I'm experiencing enough blow back that the wheel is not parallel water flow. I am running it on it's own rigger with out any thing else on it to try to minimize blow back. What pound ball should I be using?
  8. I started running meat rigs last year w/ some success but I do have some questions. I'm running 11" paddles and large spin drs. My rig have teaser flies on them and I'm using them as they come out of the package. On most of them the distance from the snap on the back of the paddle to the hooks is about 4.5' to 5', is this the correct length? What should be my target speed to run them at? Can I run any other presentations while running meat rigs?
  9. In the early 70s a big foot supposedly was taking clothes off a guys clothes line at night up by Hughes swamp and as teenagers back then some of us guys were actively hunting him until we came really close to shooting a black angus cow in the spot light at 3 in the morning. There were a few other things involved that could have slightly impaired our judgement. We still joke about hunting the big guy.
  10. We had 2 boats out of Gambill's Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Monday morning. It took a little time to tweak things and each day got better and on Monday we pulled a 5 man limit by noon. A total of 56 walleyes for the 3 days. A great way to end our walleye season as we are switching to Lake Michigan for the annual salmon bonanza. 1oz. inline weights, 15- 20' behind inline boards, gold blades w/ red beads, pearl blades w/ pink beads and chartreuse w/ the same color beads. Some of these rigs were floaters. 1.7 mph, started at the end of the bar and trolled N.E. staying 12- 15 fow. There is a lot of grass there and you have to clean them every 10 minutes or so, but if you're taking hits and catching fish they're coming in any way. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Hi everyone. New to this site. I'm switching over to my salmon gear this week after a great summer on Saginaw Bay! I'm looking for any reports or where I may find them for Frankfort. Thanks in advance.
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