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  1. I can tell you thats the second trip to Ludington this year adn thats the second member of this site to say they seen that boat. Coho is tasting mighty good right now!
  2. Fished Ludington the last few days. Water was super cold up close after the big N blow on sunday. Didnt have much luck at all in tight so we headed offshore and it paid off. Took 34 fish out there and lost a dozen more. Mostly a coho dominated catch with some kings and steel mixed in. Beautiful coho too, running 6-10#. Had allot of fun with my mom and dad catching fish. Heres what worked for the three days: Riggers 28,40,50,55,60,75,90,100 Blood Run 32# Copper 200,250,300 Blood Run Wire Highs 120-130 Lows 85-100 Lead core 2,3,5 Spoons Mod Blue Dolphin-HOT 60 down rigger Blue Dolphin Glow back-Hot 60' down rigger Hot Michigan Dolphin Green Dolphin Hot fixed 12' above ball Carmel Dolphin NBK-HOT 5 color Green Glow Froggy Grave Digger-HOT 250 Copper Green Jeans PK Special Orange Glow Easter Egg Fireball w/Earrings Walmart Lemon Ice Bloody Nose Beef Eater Super Screw Pearl Yellowtail Hot 45 and 75' down BTI Blue Bubble w/matching meat rig on lows 12" John King X Glow Yellow Tail w/matching meat rig on highs
  3. Thanks for the intel Ed. Put it to use the last few days. Some charters on clear on out to the 50 w line taking fish. Riggers 28-100 with 50-60 doing the most damage, half cores hot, 200,250,300 32# CU, wires hi 130 lows 85. Took 34 fish in three trips. Had a tough time keeping htem hooked up on Wed or that number would be higher!...LOTS of nice cohos 6-10#ers too...Im love me some coho candy baby!!! Mod Blue Dolphin and Blue Dolphin glow back best spoons w/pearl yellowtail and NBK nipping at their heels. Grave digger was awesome on a 250 CU. Blue bubble BTI and meat rig on the low was pretty steady. Thanks again bud.
  4. Yep, release and reel like hell. Been using the Elberta Clippers in both free and fixed and love them. Lots easier to remove from the line and no rubber band stuck ont he line to get hung on the reel or in the guides when your fixing them and have a fish on the main.
  5. I use this with my blood run wire and it works great. http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm
  6. Anyone got a pic of this Jerid. I dont seem to know what that one is, but am finding it in allot of reports lately. Seems like i should have at least a couple.
  7. Nice job and if i havent already done so, welcome to GLF.
  8. I have to agree with Ken. I used the Blood Run Fluoro in 12,20,,30 and 50 and it has been great. I used it on crawler harnesses, leaders for my mini disks, dipsey leaders, fly leader line. Stuff is very abrasion resistant and very strong.
  9. WTG buddy...looks like monday departure for us. I hope the BIG wind tomorrow dont mess it up
  10. You can blame it on my Mom. Whenever she takes a vacation and we are planning to head west the wind blows like hell. Forcast for the next few days sucks!...Hope you guys get your tournament out tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the intel Ed. Ill be over next week sometime. Forgoing the weekend fishing. Keep on em.
  12. I doubt it...Lots of fish being caught way offshore yet. And some big ones too. From what i hear, its just starting, so id say we have a long ways to go.
  13. I have a 9.9 kicker on the back of our hydra-sports with a panther mount. Have had the boat for 11 years and the only time that motor has come off is when i changed from the crappy OMC mount(LOTS OF PLAY) that came with the boat to the panther. No issues what so ever. But, everything is tight on mine and dont bounce, so im sure that has allot to do with it. I also have mine backed with 1/4" aluminum plate the same size as the Panther mount. Personally, i dont see a problem as long as things arent bouncing around. And if its bouncing going down the road, i guarantee its bouncing around out on the lake as well and something will break eventually.
  14. Good report Matt. Did the water get super cold like the map shows? Seems as though it got too cold and has scatteredt he bait and fish. Probably most stable offshore again, just gotta have the weather cooperate to make the run
  15. Buddy stopped over this afternoon...I think people can see the smoke plume when the salmon are in there...but anyhow, he ran over to Ludington to get his boat trailer because he had some work to do on it and stopped in to the loomis cleaning station and he said guys had 3-5 big kings in there and that they were getting them at the harbor mouth. So, theres definitely a few around there.
  16. I seen a cold pocket SW of Ludington as well. I bet there are some fish in that area. Looked to be near the N 52 W 35 line. I see a bit of cloud cover over that area on the temp page, but it still shows a 60 surface temp there. Was 58 earlier in that same spot when it was clear view.
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