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  1. I received a deposit back in August and then the buyer disappeared. I can't wait on him anymore. If I sell I will return his deposit. Everything for $2700. i will sell individually as follows: Both riggers: $2250 Both trees: $525 Both tool/cup holders: $100 Both sets of end caps: $20
  2. All sold pending funds. Will update if anyone backs out. Sale should be completed in a couple of weeks.
  3. Sorry, thought I had told you that I get down your way on a regular basis and could bring them to you. Trees are easier to ship than the riggers. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Let me see if I can find a box. I had 2 guys wanting to buy the riggers and trees but neither has pulled the trigger. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Got someone interested in the tool holders and end stops. If someone wants the riggers and Rod Trees I would sell them for $2600. That's over a $1000 savings over what you would pay for them new (including tax) without the extra for titanium. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  6. Owosso Mi. Not sure about shipping. I would have to find some boxes big enough and check out the cost. Here are you located?
  7. Riggers have covers also which are not shown. Price reduced to $2750 for everything since they only have single rod holders. If someone wants just the riggers they are available for $2250 for the pair. Rod Holders are $525, end caps are $20, and tool/beverage holders are $100,
  8. Sorry, thought it was in my profile. Owosso MI but I fish in Whitehall (where the gear is) on a regular basis.
  9. I have a pair of Traxstech Riggers, 3 Rod Vertical Trees, Mounting End Caps, and tool/beverage holders in titanium. Total retail price with Tax was over $4100. All lightly used and like new. All for $3000. I don't want to split it up right now but will take offers on the individual pieces and if I get enough offers may split.
  10. Sounds good. I will have that Thursday, Friday and Saturday off to fish. I usually run one Rigger and a 200 and a 300 copper when fishing. Just let me know. Occasional change out for a 100 copper or wire dipsey if it is slow.
  11. I might be interested but not sure I qualify as experienced crew. Have my own boat that I fish out of Whitehall with but have only been doing it for a couple of years. Went out Friday and went 2 for 3 by myself but have never fished a tournament. Let me know if you are interested and don't get anyone more qualified. If not, no big deal, I will be fishing Friday and Saturday by myself.
  12. Traxstech are sold, Ciscos back on the boat. Thanks for the interest.
  13. I have 2 sets of tracks and only need one set. Had a 5' set of Traxstech tracks that I kept off of my old boat and a set of 4' Cisco tracks that came on my new boat. Don't need 2 sets so willing to sell one or the other. The 4' Cisco tracks retails for $89.99 each plus shipping. They were used for one season and are in excellent condition. I will sell the pair for $120. The 5' Traxstech tracks were used for 2 seasons and are also in excellent condition. They retail for $1342.99 each plus shipping. I will sell the pair for $190 with end stops. $175 for just the tracks. Prefer local pickup or willing to meet somewhere convenient. Shipping would be difficult due to packaging but would be willing to consider it if they don't sell locally.
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