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  1. These new style cams are great. Heres a link to one on the Detroit River. http://www.detroithistorical.org/webcam/default.htm
  2. Iboats is a great place to ask these questions. http://forums.iboats.com/index.php
  3. CaptLevi, What do the Perch hold to in Southern Lake Michigan? Many years ago we fished South of Sagatuct on the Rock Piles. Do the Rock Piles extend all the way down to St Joe? Do the Rock Piles in Sagatuct still hold Perch? Thanks, Ken.
  4. My 9.9 Honda uses about 1 gallon per 4-5 hours of trolling on my 19 Chrestliner.
  5. I would think that if it was at the stern, it would be out in the sun and hard to read. I put mine next to the locater on the dash.
  6. Ok so my Cannon troll temp finely came in. One question, Why does it have a wire sticking out its bottom? The cannon brand clips to the cable in it's front and has a safety wire on it, but it also has a third wire sticking out the bottom near the front. Thanks, Ken.
  7. Ryan, if you get a boat and can make it to the west side. The West Michigan Fishing League fun tourneys are a must! http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=30 Enjoy, Ken.
  8. Frank, thats some interesting info. God Bless all. Ken.
  9. I ordered up a water pump kit w/housing back in January just for that safety sake. I have a OMC 115 and It's easer to chance than to take risks. Now if it would just get warm!
  10. I have one of them and, yes they do work good. I bought mine from Cabelas 4 years ago. I looked for them at Cabelas web site but, could not find them. Good luck, Ken.
  11. I picked it up on another board and have been using it for awhile now,works great.Tip for the Week Do-It-Yourself Engine Tip; A Simple and Cost Effective Way to De-Carbon an Outboard By Capt. Bob Dunkelberger [email protected] This works for Carbed, EFI, Ficht, HPDI, Opti-max and even 4-strokes... and should be administered after every 50-60 hours of use. First you need a separate small fuel tank. One of those 3-gallon red Tempos works well or an empty gallon milk jug in a pinch, but it might be a bit messier. I use Seafoam over the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) stuff like OMC Engine Tuner or Mercury Power Tune. Note: in the last few years they changed the formula and you have to let them sit up 12 hours. Who's got time for that? Seafoam does the job in 15 minutes and can be purchased from NAPA, Car Quest or other auto stores. You'll need 3/4 gallon of gasoline and one 16oz can of Seafoam for each engine. Don't forget to add 3oz of oil if you are pre-mixing in a carbed engine. Use a 3 ft piece of fuel hose off the small tank. Connect this tank to your engine by pulling off the main tank fuel hose from the intake side of your water separating fuel filter and plug the hose off the small tank onto that fitting. Or you can separate the fuel line on the tank side primer ball, so you can still use your primer. If your engine has a fuel plug then you will also need a fuel plug on the smaller tank's hose. Start the engine, let it warm up and start pulling the mix into the engine. You may have to increase the idle to keep it running once she gets loaded with the Seafoam. Run the engine 15 minutes at the dock or just cruising around under 2500 rpm's. Then shut it down and let it sit for another 15 minutes. Restart the engine; the smoke you see is the carbon burning off. Do the whole thing again and let her sit again for 15 more minutes. If she smokes after the second time do it again. I've never seen one still smoke after three doses. (I bought a Bronco two years ago that had 95,000 miles on it. When I used Seafoam on it I had the neighbors hanging out of their front doors looking for where the fire was after I started it the first time there so much smoke) The gallon mix should be just enough to do this 3 times. You don't need a wide-open throttle and you don't need to change the plugs. The plugs are cleaned at the same time as the combustion chambers. My suggestion is that every 50-60hrs is the optimal time to change plugs in most engines. I cleaned an antique Evinrude once that had a 1/4" of solid carbon on the exhaust chamber walls by running a 1/2 gal of the aforementioned mix through it. Seafoam, a great product, has been around since the 1930's and it's what they used when they were burning straight 4 stroke 40SAE oils in outboards. For you guys with the 4 stroke outboards? Those engines work 10 times as hard as any auto engine ever will and they too will carbon up. Too many are under the assumption that it's totally the 2 stroke oil that causes the carbon, Wrong... it's also the additives they put in the fuels today. The carbon inhibitors in 2-stroke oil are there for this reason also. Remember when gasoline used to smell like gasoline, today it smells more like bad cologne. For those guys that like to work the carbon treatment by spraying it down the carbs, Seafoam also comes in spray can called Deep Creep. It's the same stuff under pressure and notes on the can, "Oxygen Sensor Safe". After that, if your engine manufacturer recommends a daily additive treatment then do so. The tank and hose are a one-time purchase and the Seafoam is only costs $5-6.00 per can. Last year I did this on my 115 omc and it really cut down the amount of smoke it put off at idle speed. I hope it helps. Ken
  12. With work, Kids, and busy lives, we mainly fish the afternoon bite. In the past when the sun went down we would pull rods and head in (not that we wanted to, we just stopped getting fish). Last year with the help of others and experimenting, we came up with a night program for Kings. Often we would find kings in 80 to 120 fow during the afternoon, but as the sun was setting we will start switching lures and Flasher/Fly’s out for Moon Shine extended Glows. (I’ve tested all my glows against them and nothing compares to there longevity). I even pull my Dippseys/flasher/fly in and replace it with a Dippsey/glow spoon. When the sun hits the water get ready! Shortly after the sun sinks below the Horizon, it’s time to start working you way in towards shallower water. Start raising your rigs up also. Fish that where previously 60’ down, will rise to the top 40 fow. We start pulling rods when we get back in to 40-50 fow. Lots of lights in the boat is a must for fishing after dark.. On one trip to Port Sheldon last year, we where 2 for 3 after 2.5 hours of fishing. We switched over to this program, and very shortly there after we had 4 fish on with only 6 poles out (the fifth pole went off after netting the 4 and had to be released). On a different trip at Whitehall we got fish on this program as late as 1.5 hours after dark and as shallow as 40 fow. This type of program works in reverse if you fish the pre dawn bite. This is meant for the guys that struggle to get fish in low light, as we did for many years. I never had much luck with the Moonshine lures until I learned how to use them. Thanks, Ken
  13. Welcome, Do you have any pics. of those hogs? Ken.
  14. This photo was taken 4 weeks less than One year ago. There is some hope that this ice and cold will leave. It's the South Haven peer taken from the porch of a Summer Home I remodeled 2 years ago.
  15. Welcome Larry, I checked out your site. It looks good. I've got a friend that has a SportCraft also, They are nice boats to fish from. Ken.
  16. Ouch GLF Racing took a big hit in the points this past week!
  17. two people I most admire are Condolesa Rice and Colon Powell and I'd probably vote for either in a heart beat if they ran. I couldn't agree more. Both very good people.
  18. I think my boys are finely getting it together with 2 in the top 10 again and the other two in the top 20
  19. Mine comes in next week, so I'll be interested in the replies to this tread. The coated cable is a must. They will work with out it but, only down to a certain depth (60-80'?) here's a pick on the ends for your coated cable. Ken.
  20. Like said above some gms can be shut off by pushing the dome override button 3 times. This works on my 2001 Taho. I also have a 99 S10 and a 2002 silverado that it doesn't work on. Both of those if you push the E Brake in a click or two before starting they will not come on. I have been told if your truck was made in Canada the the dome override button will not work. Here's a site thats all GM truck related. Ken. http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/index.php?
  21. I don't know if it makes any difference but, I always take extra care to not touch the lure any more than I have to (Mostly touch the sides when putting on). I also try not to get gas on the way to fishing. When un hooking fish I like to use the Needle Nose pliers.
  22. Nice job guys! I went down to the lake I live on (Campbell Lake in Caledonia/Alto). I marked loads of fish on the graph but, they where not in the mood to eat.
  23. Finely my boys where able to hold on to the track and stay in the top 20, with two in the top 10.
  24. Mike, thats a great price on the Church boards. Will they be offered for that price at the Grand Rapids show next weekend?
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