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    Been 'Big Water' fishing for about 5 years now. Just love being on the water.
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    Fishing, Computers, being outside generally.
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  1. Yikes, I've run a couple of thoes for two years now, when were they purchased? Glad your finally getting it resolved. I've had a couple of drags replaced in some Okuma Reels under warranty with no questions asked. Hopefully your new ones will work a bit better!
  2. I've been useing the Dive Bombs all summer with good succsess. I'm not 100% positive what the increase dive equates to, but I know when a 300 copper is going I can put a 3 or 4 oz. dive bomb on a full core and get it going also.
  3. Nee Hi, yeah i did the same thing... 'hmm that boat names slightly familair'. Sounds like you had a day more similar to mine. Oh well still won't complain for the first day out! Hopefully you can find whomever's tacklebox it is!
  4. Yeah go figure... well at least I can use that as my excuse I guess. Makes me feel a bit better since it seemed like we were doing same thing everyone else was.
  5. Hey GLF, nice catch, we were just launching as you were backing in to the launch this morning. Sounds like you guys all ended up doing a lot better than most, were your fish pretty consitent throughout the day? We took off about 10am with only a couple to show for the morning.
  6. Okuma Convectors get my vote for a good value and performance. We have 10 Convectors rangeing from the CV30 to the CV55, We do have one Tekota, and no doubt there are a nice reel, but you pay for it. For riggers I use (and really like) the Shimano Charter Special reels with the lever drags, all 4 of our riggers will be these this year. Rod lenghts vary, but mostly I use the 8 footers for riggers and cores and copper and 10 footers for divers. I have a mix of Okuma, Diawa and Shimano rods. You should check out the new Okuma Classic rods, they have a lifetime warranty, stainless steel eyes and you can get 3 for the price of one Shimano Talora. I can't wait to try mine new ones out!
  7. Hey everyone, I've been looking around at some options for better controling the speed, and steering on our kicker motor. We have a 20 HP Honda outboard on the back on a Garlick lift. The TrollMaster Pro Troll 3 looks like just the device we need to be able to fine tune our throttle control, and it is said to work with remote steering units as well. Does anyone use on of these? Have any feedback? Use a different, but similar device? Remote steering units are also on the list of things to research, I've come across a unit by Panther called the electro steer, so again any one else useing a remote steering unit? Right now we use the EZSteer bar, but we're looking for something to allow better steering and more control from anywhere on the boat (thus a remote steer unit). So anyone who has feedback I'd sure appreciate it!
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