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  1. I'm not really sure. What I want is to get depth out of the outside diver (like when the fish are 60' down). It's hard to get that kind of depth with a standard diver set at 3. What I want may not be possible?
  2. This year I picked up two wire rigs. I have the Walker deep divers on them set at 1. I have been running my braided divers out side of them with standard LJ divers (with the standard rings) set at 3. I've gotten them tangled up a few times. Tim (stein) says you have to run the outside divers short to prevent blow back. My question is if I use a magnum ring on the out side diver, could I let more line out to gain depth with out tangling? When the fish are deep the out side diver is not getting deep enough. So far I love the way the wire divers produce, in the three time we've been out they've gotten %80 of the hits.
  3. Tim joined my son Jacob and I for morning trip. Set lines at 7 am at 60', trolled North, South, East, And West, All around from 60-140'. We landed One 12 pounder in 120 and had One other on. Both on the mountain Dew Flasher/Fly off the wire set 200' back. It sounded like some others did good. Thanks Tim for coming.
  4. Whitehall is always a good port. You should have a great time.
  5. Welcome! 33 pounds, I would be happy with 20. Ken.
  6. Not a total loss mike, You did get to have some Barley pops and hang out at the boat.
  7. Great Job Don. That's a nice King for Lk Mi. (sign of things to come?)
  8. I'm no marine mechanic but, my first guess would be head gasket. How can water get in through the valve?
  9. Mike I had the same issue as Frank last time I tried to edit.
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