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  1. I really want Jr to get over the line first but, I think Tony will be right with him (if that Toyota can make the 500 miles:grin:) If the Hendrick cars get lined up like last Saturday, they will be hard to beat.
  2. I'm going to start running two wire divers this year. On the 1.5-2 setting how much deeper will they dive compared to the super line diver with the same setting? I know when we where at Detour a few years back, we hit the bottom at 65' with 200 feet out with our super line divers. Ken.
  3. I got signed up as Carpenterken.
  4. Every one had a D next to there name. The Hillary Clinton meal deal: Two fat thighs, two small breast, and a bunch of left wings.
  5. I got my Keating book for Christmas, And I've had that problem since. I've went as far as washing all the spoons, cleaning out the boat, installing more rod holders, New line on the poles, Buying new rods, Reading fishing reports from way back. Last Friday I went as far as to sit in the boat, crack open a cool one, and fire up a stogee. (it's not the same as being out on the big pond)
  6. Great story! Did you catch any fish?
  7. Sounds like a bad voltage regulator.
  8. Ray, I couldn't agree more. I refuse to go to Wall mart just for that reason. Most of the stuff coming from there has very little quality to it. Ken.
  9. Heres a shot of my son Jacub (the tall one), my cousins son Phillip (both 13 now), and me. Ken These two are great to have along. With them reeling the fish in we rarely loose any.
  10. Al, Skein, those are some nice kings! WOW! Lake Michigan just didn't give up any of those big boys to us. Hopefully some time soon we can get the boy to Lake Ontario to play with them beast. This was more our average size last year. (long and skinny) Ken.
  11. It is a very good read. see link. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Keating_on_Kings_Book.htm
  12. Since Flys have come on so strong, most do not run spoons behind flashers any more. In Dan Keatings book (Keating on Kings) he speaks mainly of running your spoons clean. The best way to run that flasher/spoon combo is to say put a flasher/fly on the inside rigger and a clean spoon on the out side rigger a bit above and back further. Take those magnum spoons and get some glow paint, Mike (GLF) has a great post on that. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=470 Ken.
  13. Tim, Al, Are the Salmon in lake Ontario realy as BIG as what I read? If so I may grab the boys and look you up some day! Eric, thats a sweet boat you have there. (I'm assuming it's you in the avatar). To the rest of you thanks, and let spring be near.
  14. This year we are going to try and make a few more of the fun tournaments, I am going to make an honest effort to introduce myself to a few of you. Remembering names has never been my strong point, and now that I'm past the 1/2 way to 90 mark it's even more difficult. I'm starting a spread sheet to help me put proper names with screen names. If you could post your first name it would help me in my quest. Thank you, Ken.
  15. I would like to try some of these next season also. Will Michigan Stinger be down at the Sport Fishing Show when it comes to G.R. this spring?
  16. I did not but I was thinking of doing it. Priority1, I did solder the end on. Long Line, How do I check the independence? Glf, I check out the post, I may have to move the radio past that 3' mark and take about 20' of coiled up coax off. Thanks all, Ken.
  17. There are many post on lead core. Keep going back through the pages and you should be able to answer many questions you have. This is one I found. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=451 If you want a great read on salmon fishing this a fantastic book. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Keating_on_Kings_Book.htm
  18. The sinkers will work. The spoon will run more like a drop weight or a rigger. The lead adds a bit of action to the spoon as it rises and falls with the waves and turns. The lead tends to be a bit more stealthy. Have you had luck with the rubber sinkers? and how far down can you get them? A full core will get you down around the 40' range. Ken.
  19. Maby we should all get together and get a volume discount
  20. The best way (IMO) to run lead is off a planer board. It's not good to hook the planer to the core. Hence the need for the roller is not there. Lead can be ran straight down the shoot, and yes you may get away with not letting it all out. The trouble with running it down the shoot is it has a tendency to tangle with fish that come off the riggers. Some guys that want to cut down on there core rigs will take and splice mono in the middle of there core (thus giving them a place to hook there board to). This would give you a 1/2 and a full core. Good luck, it sounds like a nice rod.
  21. That's kind of what I was thinking, setting one (or two) up for stealth mode during mid day. I have been running 20 pound Andy on all 4 riggers. I think I'll drop two of them down to 15 pound for am, pm, keep 2 at 20 pound for spinners and get 2 more for stealth. Heck I need a reason to buy 2 more rods;)
  22. I also have been thinking of getting a temp probe. It seams a lot of people are happy with the Depth Raider. They also seam to be the cheapest priced. Here's a few pics I copied from another site that show the connection for the probe. http://www.glangler.com/boards/User_files/4622e7ee15f13012.jpg http://www.glangler.com/boards/User_files/4622e7fe16104e5a.jpg
  23. I'm just about finished with Captain Dan Keatings book. (Keating on Kings) Great read by the way. What I find interesting is how he uses 12 pound mono with 6.5' rods off his riggers. Do any of you use this setup? If so than what would be a good affordable rod in that 6.5'-7' range? I like the way he talks about fishing over small break in the bottom. Next year I'll have to pay more attention to them. If any one is looking for a great teaching book on rigging for Kings this is it. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Keating_on_Kings_Book.htm Thanks, Ken.
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