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  1. Thanks for the report Tom. Do you mind sharing what a "normal spring pattern" would be? With Two Kids in spring sports, I don't normally get out this early. Is there a pre dawn shallow bite like there is in the summer? Or are all the fish just scattered through the water column? Thanks, Ken.
  2. With 2 Softball games, 1 Baseball game, a Soccer party, and graduation party to show face at we will not be able to make it out till 6+ pm. Good luck to all that make the am trip and, if any one will be out in the pm give us a call. Ken.
  3. Nice report Jim, I look forward to getting out for the first time next week for the WMFL tourney.
  4. Great job on the fish Guys. Very impressive.I hope to get to say hi to a few of you next weekend at the WMFL event.
  5. Great job on the fish Jason. I hope your cousin had a great time. Our prayers go out to him while he's over seas. Ken.
  6. The nice thing about outboards is there is really only three things that can go wrong. Spark, Compression, or Fuel. Eliminate two and you will have your answer. The compression should be near or above 100 psi, and within %10 of each other. If you can test the spark, it should jump 7/16 of an inch, nice and blue. As far as the pee hole, many old motors did not have them. If this thing has sat for a bit he should be advised to replace the impeller. You can get coils and other parts on line much more reasonable than at the marine store. I've used Iboates.com for these type of parts and had good luck.
  7. Looks like I was wrong on the Red cooler pic. I saw it used in a advertisement in the Great Lake Angler. The ad was for Dream Weaver lures, thanks was given to the West Michigan Fishing league.
  8. Last year I bought a 17.6 foot boat motor and trailer. I only needed the motor. The boat is gone and now I'm left with this Trailer. Its a single axle roller type easy loader brand. It's fully adjustable. The tires could use replacing but the rest of it is in great shape. Whats it worth? Make me a reasonable offer. I'll try to get a pic of it if needed. Ken 616-460-4900
  9. I wish I could go Mike, but I'll be in your Home town watching my Daughter hit Soft Balls in a Varsity Tournament.
  10. Some of the Manufactures of the products we will be using in the WMFL would like to have photos with there products in them. Here's a few tips to take better shots. One of the biggest mistakes is to not pay attention to you backgrounds. This is a descant shot but, there's a open Red cooler in the back ground (not some thing that would ever go to print). In bright sunny day you have to watch for shadows. Try to put the sun at you back. Hats will make some ones face very dark. If its possible with your camera turn on the flash. This shot would have been great if only I would of used my flash. Also when ever possible try to fill the frame with your pitcher. (Smile for the camera Tim) Here's a shot where I put it all together and had the sun to my back with no clutter in the background, and fill flash to eliminate dark spots. If your lucky, maby you will get a pic. in a publication. Ken.
  11. Rich, I will be out of town that day. Can my co Caption and fishing partner (cousin) still fish the event as team Nailer?
  12. I'll bite Mike. We don't get out as often as some but, this may be a good reason.
  13. Welcome aboard. A good rule of thumb is to start shallow (as in shallow water and depth down) and finish deep. This may not hold true in the early spring. Green Dolphin spoon has been a stand buy lure for many. Green fly/flasher/dippsey is also very reliable. These thins start in the dark so get a few Extended Glow spoons. Most guys including myself if asked will give plenty of info when out there. All are instructed to use channel 72 on the radio. Good luck and don't be afraid to walk up and talk to guys that did better than you. Ken.
  14. I think it's a good idea Mike. If you do a couple twist like you do when putting it into a Blacks style release, it should work fine.
  15. Welcome, Gone Wishing. Sorry to here you couldn't put any thing in the box but, it sounds like you had a nice time. Ken.
  16. I herd the guys where doing good up river. We're going down there Sat. night and Sun. AM this weekend.
  17. Iboats is a great place to ask those questions. http://forums.iboats.com/index.php
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