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    Born In Muskegon caught my first Salmon in Lake Michigan thanks to my Uncle Joe
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    Benton City Washington
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    Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead up and down the Columbia River and it's tributaries
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  1. My name is Bruce Gradisher. I was born and raised in Muskegon and caught my first Salmon with my Uncle Joe over 30 years ago fishing in Lake Michigan. I reside in Washington State and am currently the Vice President of the Tri-Cities Washington Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association. We have issues such as Commercial netters being allowed to set nets in the Columbia River. We have other issues such as Northen Pike Minnows who eat the smolt as they return to the Ocean. We are starting to see non native fish in our Lakes and Rivers which will present a problem for years to come. Habitat issues and laws that allow the overharvest of our fish by foreign countries that target one species and catch more then a half million salmon and are then allowed to keep them as by catch by paying a small fine. I will be visiting the Muskegon Area from the 5-19th of September. If you are interested I would be willing to talk and answer questions not as a spokes person for the CCA but maybe help to show you how the CCA may be able to perserve your great fishery. You let me know if that is something you might want and find a place we can meet....
  2. You all should look at getting the Coastal Conservation Association involved in helping all the Great Lakes out. You have a terrific Salmon and Steelhead fishery and unlike the Pacific Northwest you should get the CCA involved before the problem gets any bigger. I am not trying to tell you what you should do but we sat on our hands and thought our dwindling returns would get better but they did not and we are in for the fight off our lives to save our Salmon and Steelhead. I would not like to see that happen to the Great Lakes. Being proactive is better then being reactive... Good Luck
  3. Nothing like watching a COOL video on a 110 degree day. Too hot to fish around my neck of the woods can't wait to get to some cooler Michigan weather and do some fishing.....
  4. Well I will be coming into Muskegon Sept 5-19. What type of fishing could I do during that time frame? I am from Washington State and was hoping to get a day or two of fishing in just not sure what to expect.
  5. Heading for Prince of Wales (Craig) Alaska two weeks from today. The wife choose this place for our 10 year anniversary. Will post pics when we get back. Monster Kings (50+) ling cod and halibut and those airborne silvers man I cannot wait.....
  6. Fishing them on down riggers work well out here. Try wrapping them with a herring,sardine. There are plenty of sites that show you how to do it. Trolling over2.5 miles a hour they will not run true in the rivers not sure about the big lake. Good Luck
  7. They are call triploids and are becoming quite the item in the Pacific Northwest.In the Columbia River below Grand Coulee dam the Native Americans raise them in net pens.They are a fish that cannot reproduce and are eating machines. 20-30 pounders are not uncommon and put up a fight of epic proportions. Their meat is blood red and taste wonderful....
  8. I will try this weekend to post some pics. I also am not kidding when I say if any of you dudes ever make it out to this area I will have a seat in my boat for you. We are getting geeked for our best return of Springers (Kings) in many moons. We have a fall run which are called upriver brights Kings)where 50 pound salmon are caught on occasion.In 10 years in my boat we have caught 3 of those big ones. In late October thru mid December we have a run of silvers/coho that are out of this world.15-20 pound fish are not that uncommon. Thanks for the wonderful welcome and I'm glad to be onboard.
  9. I do and when I figure out how to post I will
  10. I feel like I just came home.I was born in Muskegon 1951.graduated from Muskegon Catholic Central in 1969. Went in the service and resumed my Ironworker trade in 1973. Worked in California till 1980 and moved to Washington State and fish the Columbia,Klickitat,Snake and Yakima Rivers. My Wife and I own a 18ft center console Alumaweld Jet sled.I want to thank Priorty1 for turning me on to this site. Last year my beautiful wife who can back up, launch/load and trailer the boat caught a 37 and 43 lb king on back to back drifts. The next time out caught 2 coho's 18'6 and 18'11 lb fish on Thanksgiving Day. Yes her dad taught her well. I wish all of you good fishing and please share fishing reports with me. I have a brother who owns 40 acres on Muskegon River and he is waiting for the steelies to cruise past his place. Thanks for having me
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