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  1. Walker down riggers

    I had some work done by Ged Strazynski in Ludington. Don't have his address handy but his phone # 231-843-7862
  2. Large spoons & plugs

    This is a 00 Spin N Glo setup that has been very successful for me in Superior.
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  12. Do you have a phone number for GLF, Mike Heckman? Been trying to contact him with email and messages on this site and no response?

  13. New Business

    My source was Purple Taco, but that dried up last year. Trout Beads has a variety of sizes, including a large 14mm. I buy from him now and they are better than most out there, but they don't glow quite as long as the beads that Purple Taco used to carry. Hope this helps. Mike
  14. Garmin Echo 550c vs Hummingbird 596c HD DI

    Thanks HONDAM. I already have a GPSMAP 546 which I bought 2 years ago to have a separate chart plotter from a fishfinder. What I should have said in my reply was that I plan to get a Garmin Echo 550c to replace my old Garmin 300c.