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  1. I don't recall his name on the boat, but his first name was Mike. He was located on the West side of the channel. A very nice Caption who was not shy about sharing information. It was an invite trip for my son and I from a Friend/Client, who had bought the trip at a youth church event.
  2. Started the morning Saturday with my son and 3 others on a Chartered trip out of Saugatuct. Set down in 70' with the glows and started taking fish right away, Continued taking fish till the sun came up. Headed to deeper water and pecked away at them. pretty much all rigs took fish but, the spoons did better. (I was not the caption so I didn't keep tract of the details) ended 15 for 20 +-. Most of the fish where on the smaller size. I took my son again that afternoon to Port Sheldon, Started in 140 fow north of the stack, trolled NW. hit the first at 149, 56 feet down on the SS. Smurf, turned South and things started happening. Ended 5 for 10, Smurf got 1 more, D/F/F back 150 took 2 rips, Moonshine Brook Trout also took 2, the best part was when I was fighting a fish on the rigger rod, the Dipsey/Flounder Pounder go's of. My son takes it just to have it come unbuttoned after a short fight. He puts it back in the rod holder (with out reseting it) to net my fish and It takes off with a different fish. A great night on the lake, made it in before the pack at the launch. Here's Jake with one of them.
  3. I need to adjust the Timing on my 1975 OMC 115, I looked but, I cant find an adjustment. can any one help me with this? Thank you. Ken.
  4. Nice Job Mike, Got to love letting the Kids real the fish in.
  5. If your going south on US 31, the first exit to Saugatuct has a new Bait Shop located 2 block West (of US31) on the South side. I checked them out the other day and they have all the spoons you could ask for.
  6. Sounds like us all of last year! Nice day of Hooky though.
  7. This is a great link of the fish cam at the power plant. http://www.lssu.edu/arl/fishcam.php
  8. Thanks for the link, I'm now all set to camp for the night. Is there going to be a prefish big fish contest?
  9. Nice job GLF. How did the 55 pounds place you in the turnee?
  10. Nice job Eagle, I have never ran a spin doctor off the lead, but it sounds like we should try it. Way to go.
  11. I took my son fishing tonight. We started at 60 fow North of the stacks, trolled south out to 85 fow (nothing there) headed back in to shallower water. the first fish hit the Blue Bubble Fly/ Flasher/ dippsey set back 75' #3 in 59 fow, soon after that the Green Fly/Flasher/dippsey (same 75 back) goes in 49 fow. hit a dry spell until the sun set, then the 6 color with a Moonshine Night Crawler goes off. We only had the 3 hits and landed them all. by the sound of the radio chatter we did as good as most and better than some. We got all the fish South of the peer . The water temp varried from 47 in 50 fow to 51 in 80 fow. all the kings where like this one.
  12. Does any one know the phone number to the campground at fisherman's Landing? Thanks, Ken.
  13. Yes! Thanks to everybody that made another good time possible!! Especially Northern King and You Brian for making this happen!!!! Great event guys!! We decided to start in the cooler deeper water at 120 fow. The dipsey/flasher/Green Fly set back 180' started screaming drag at 5:30, After taking about 150' of line out she broke the leader at the hook (I think this one was a serious contender for big fish) not to long after that the rigger set 60' down w/ a 6 color rig tied to it went just to come unbuttoned, ( 0 for 2 ) The swr on the other side also went in 150 fow (small king) We also got 2 fish on the rigger 70' down Monkey Puke. Blue fly/dipsey rig took 12 pound king. and swr rig with 2 Color set at 60' down took a nice fish. Ended the day 4 for 7. my 12 year old son Jacob with his King. Was a lot of fun! Thanks for having us. Ken.
  14. In years past we always ran short leads 8-12'. We did ok but never great. This year I started running longer leads 20-40' and have had a lot more success of the riggers. Keep this in mind if your using 4 riggers. run your two inside ones deeper and shorter than the outside two. The theory here is that if a fish comes up to hit the deep one (and doesn't take it) your higher lure will soon travel over his head. If you start running long leads make sure you try to keep your lines straight behind the boat, and try not to run cross current. long leads require longer turns. I say yes to long leads this year. I also think the 100 foot rule is good (or 80' rule).
  15. The middle of the day can be good. When we fish that time zone we run the lures deeper and switch to the brighter type colors, (Green Dolphin, chrome J plug, Lemon Ice, Monkey puke, also the Dippsey/Flasher/Fly) Go ahead and run the Dippsey back 250'+ back.
  16. Took my Uncle for some big lake action (first timer) Started setting lines 1 mile+- sw of the pear in 100 fow(6pm) Continued the sw troll out to 120 fow . lots of wind coming from the sw . got about 2 miles south and turned it to the north. around 111 fow the rigger with the S.S. Smurf set 70' down starts pealing line, uncle grabs it. as hes fighting it the dippsey/flasher/fly set at 250 feet back starts throbbing. (only him and I in the boat) I take that and we both fight fish. We get his netted (12 pound king) mine comes unbuttoned. reset both lines and soon the Dippsey starts throbbing again, he gets a nice 8 pound king. turn back sw into the wind and no action. Pull lines motor south and reset 3 miles south in 110 fow. nothing for a long time untill we get to 70 fow out in front of the pear heads. Same rigger takes off I grab it and the same dippsey cranks over (another double) while fighting the fish the other rigger go off with a Watter Mellon at 40 feet down, (now 3 on) I say good luck to him and look at the Full Core with the moon shine and it's doubled over (4 on) After a bunch of work all 4 fish where netted. All in the 11 to 14 pound range. The last 4 came just as the sun was hitting the Horizon
  17. Sounds like a great morning paulywood. Is nice when the riggers are working. What kind of leads where you using on your riggers? As far as landing percentage goes, since I switched to the vmc (or higher quality) hooks, it has gone way up.
  18. can some one post the link to the msu surface temp map? thank you. Ken
  19. The best depth for us was 40 feet down. or 100 +- feet back on the Dippsey set at 2.5 or 3. The water was very clear. We ran lead of 25-30' behind the ball. The full core was working good until the leader broke off. (I think they get down around 40') Good Luck. Ken.
  20. Fished Sun, and Mon. am out of White Lake in 80-120 fow. we landed 5 on Sunday and 7 more Monday. Water temp was 46 deg. We got fish on all of the set ups with the Silver Streak Smurf being the best off the rigger. Dippsey/Flasher/Green Fly set at 100-125' back also did very well. Full core and 6 color core took fish. The fish where in the top 50 fow. We got a nice mix of 3 Steel Head, 2 Coho, and the rest Kings. Most all the Kings where over 10 pounds with 2 over 15 pounds. A few pics
  21. Mount th dippsey holders forward in the boat an you can generally get the fish inside of them.
  22. We had great luck last year at Deture last year on Flasher/Fly They seam to work the best off the dippsey. Like before noted Dippsey, snubber, 4' leader , Spinner 18-24" to fly. one thing I haven't seen noted is the importances of trolling with your lines going straight back behind your boat (when going in a straight line). Don"t let the current or wind push you side ways. A good all around color for your flashers (spinners) is white with green or green, both with a green fly.
  23. Fished Thursday Pm and Friday Am out in front of White Lake in 100 to 140 fow. Thursday we started at 8:30 pm and fished to dark, went 3 for 6, all Kngs in the 11 to 14 pound range. 3 where on a Moon Shine Night Crawler 41 feet down on the rigger, 2 where on a Dippsey/white FC./green fly set at 2 150' back, the other was on a full core w/Moon Shine lure. Got a late start Friday (8:45) ended with 1 for 4. All rips where on the Dippsey set up back 150'. A good trip for my Boy and me.
  24. We took the Boys out Friday Afternoon. Left the dock around 5:30 and headed to 215 fow. Stayed there for an hour with no hits or fish on the graph, Pulled the lines headed back to 150 reset lines. Dippsey with a White spinney/ blue fly back 250' took a nice rip with a big fish on for just a bit then off:( Trolled till dark to find a small king on that didn't release and one other (5 pounds)that hit a moonshine spoon as we where pulling lines. Lake was flat and the flys where plenty full. Ken.
  25. I took a friend and my boy down to the Det. River. We fished Sat. after noon and Sunday. Mainly fished the area in front of BASF down to the Power Plant. (in Wyandotte) We started slow until some gents hooked us up with A few Wyandotte Worms. We ended with 28 Walleye, all males . We stayed in the river Chanel, 27-31 fow.
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