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  1. Great story Adam. I did that one time with a salmon. It broke the line, dove down, and a rigger rod snagged him in the side.
  2. Last night it was back to search mode. I ran the probe at 50' down and the temp was all over the place, ranging from 42 to 50 deg. We had a Monkey Puke set at 40 down go and come unbuttoned early, then the wire dippsey set at 1 back 100, spinney/fly took a rip and got off. we finely landed this one and only on the Sigs fig Mountain Dew fly set at 80 back on 1. fished well into the night with the glow program without any takers. Here's one from last week of a very happy rookie.
  3. WOW 7 kts winds whipping up 28' waves, and I wanted to fish this week:p:p Overnight: West northwest wind around 7 kts. Patchy fog after 2am. Waves over 28 feet. Monday: Northwest wind between 6 and 8 kts. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Waves 18 to 23 feet building to over 28 feet. Monday Night: North northwest wind between 5 and 9 kts. Mostly cloudy. Waves 8 to 12 feet subsiding to 4 to 7 feet. Tuesday: Northeast wind between 5 and 8 kts. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Waves 6 to 10 feet subsiding to 4 to 7 feet. Tuesday Night: Northeast wind between 6 and 9 kts. Partly cloudy. Waves 8 to 12 feet. Wednesday: East southeast wind between 4 and 6 kts. Sunny. Waves 4 to 7 feet. Wednesday Night: East wind around 7 kts. Mostly clear. Waves 5 to 8 feet. Thursday: Southeast wind around 7 kts. Mostly sunny. Waves 5 to 8 feet. Thursday Night: Southeast wind around 8 kts. Mostly cloudy. Waves 6 to 10 feet.
  4. My boy was nice enough to go to the wrong site and pick up a nasty spyware bug on my wifes pc. I run spybot on it but, its havening a hard time getting rid of it. I may have to go to a paid spyware protector. Does any one have any recommendations? Ken.
  5. Thanks for all the replys guys! The last two times out we had no tangles using the above methods.
  6. Welcome to the site fish byte
  7. We broke our streak of one fish trips with a nice showing of 6 for 10 last night. The best depth was the 120 to 130 range. Just about all set ups worked. 300 copper with Flasher/fly, wire diver with Flasher/fly back 220, riggers down 100 while the sun was high, then moon shine down 60 as dark approached. Full core with Moon shine lure took a nice 15 + pound king (the biggest of the night). With two rookies on board and two riggers that kept crossing, and a bunch of tangles, I lost tract of what we got the fish on. I does appear the lake has set up to a typical summer pattern.
  8. Thanks for the report Dan, Nice job on the kings.
  9. Sounds like a great trip! If you think 15-19 pound kings are small than, you need to fish lake Michigan a few times.
  10. Nice Job on the fish Phil! It must have been great to have the mentors along.
  11. My brother in law has been stopped 5+ miles out from Pentwater more than once. They pull up along side him as he's trolling and checks has license and pole count.
  12. WOW , Makes a guy want to pack up and leave these Lake Michigan dinks and head East.
  13. 6' is pretty much the standard.
  14. On my sliders I use bb swivels on the lure end and lesser grade swivels on the line end.
  15. My cousin, myself, and my son made the evening trip to Port Sheldon last night. We went out to 190', set up on a west troll. made a turn north at 122' stayed in that range till the sun hit the water. The black and white kitty was purring pretty loud in the cooler. We switched every thing over to the glow program and headed East. We finely hit a nice 12 pound king (an hour after dark) in 120' off the wire diver back 100' with a white/glow/ spinner and a Big Weenie glow fly. We had one more fish on a Moonshine Night Crawler that came off. Our string of one fish trips is up to 3 now:confused: We ran a spread of; 2 corner riggers with spoons/and fixed sliders, 2 out riggers with flasher/fly rigs, 2 wire divers with flasher/flys, 1 300 copper of a board, and 1 full core off a board. The water flees where not an issue last night but the ankel biters where keeping us busy.
  16. Thanks for all the pics Bill. Terrys method sounds a bit easer. Terry, I'm guessing the rubber band breaks and falls off then? What happens with the slider and rubber band when the fish is on the main line? (when it gets to the rod tip) Thanks to both of you, Ken.
  17. Great pics bill, I would like to see how rubber bands are used to keep a Slider Line at a set depth?
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