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  1. I use Fire Fox and, It works great on your site. Everything I opened, was quick and easy.
  2. Ray, the site looks great, very fast.
  3. My top driver was Juan Montoya at 19 th place. Mat K was doing good until Jeff took him out.
  4. :rotflmao: Now thats just plane funny!!!!!!!! I really wanted to see Romney get in. We all think the world is coming to an end when the other guys candidate gets in but, other than Jimmy Charter, most have not done that bad.
  5. Joe, If you get a new unit and the old one still works somewhat, I have a cousin that would like to have one. If you interested in selling it let me know.
  6. Great job on the fish Ed. There size is impressive!
  7. FishSniffer, these fun tournaments that Rich (Caznic) holds are a great way meet a few members and learn some more tricks. Check out the tournament section. (click below) http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=30
  8. This is an article that hits the nail square on the head for any man with pride. http://www.aspentimes.com/article/2008198091324
  9. I read somewhere (may be on the Cannon site) that it would not hurt the short stop.
  10. I have no excuse, all my drivers just suck.
  11. I just changed the rear brakes on my 02 Hd Dmax with 150+ k on it. the rear rotors still looked great. What I want to know Frank is, How do you only put 22 k miles on a truck in 5 years? Thats great.
  12. I've done all of that but, there is nothing that shows there status for me. It doesn't much matter anyhow. Maby Mattey can pull out a three peat for me today.
  13. I agree %100 with you Frank. When the suns hits the water, GET READY! I noticed when it's late in the day, the fish really start to come up. If we where whacking fish at 60' earlier in the day, as soon as the son drops the fish will come up to 30'-40' Ken.
  14. There must be something I'm missing. When I click on Drivers, there is nowhere that says anyone is available? I've read all the FAQ an followed the instructions to a Tee. Where does it say they are Free Agents?
  15. I've finely got a Troll Temp (Cannon brand) coming. I'm sure I'll have a few questions later this summer. In the past we always used the bend in the dippsey rods to check our speed. I've got a good idea from reading Keating's book on the temp thing but, what determines what speed to run at? Do the fish like it slower in cold water (IE Spring or after a North blow) or do they like it the same all the time? Do the fish like a change in speed (slower or faster) after the sun goes down? I plan on running it on my inside rigger, correct? If any one can give me some in site it would be great. Thanks Ken.
  16. Mike, I think where stuck with who we have.
  17. We like to start in the 5:00 pm range and fish into the dark. We have had some great action after dark but, if your boat is not setup for it, It can be a challenge. I think the AM fishing is a lot easer when your closer to the lake.
  18. I agree %100 It was great to see Newman win.
  19. nice looking set up. Here's a set up many use. You could use this same set up with the blacks releases from Walker.
  20. I also think this is a great idea, Some of us can't remember where we set them.
  21. I got robbed! Three of my Four drivers where involved in wrecks late in the race The average of the Four where 24 th place.
  22. we are down to 5 now. I had inadvertently signed up twice, I had to re sign with a new name and get rid of my old teems. New name is Kendric1. It's much easer to get through after you do it 3 times. Rich the free league is here. (it's the one that says Toyota Draft Play) https://fantasy.nascar.com/scripts/registerform.cgi?game=36&memberid=&originated=GOB
  23. Good luck Rich, Carl has never won at a Super Speedway.
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