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  1. Thanks Ken, Huron will be my primary lake of choice because of proximity, but I'm going to try and make it over two or three times this year, maybe more!! My wifes relatives got a nice place right at the south end of the dunes in Silver Lake, right on lake michigan. So I'm dying to get over there!!
  2. Thanks you guys, I picked up the gear this weekend up at the lake, so I'm ready to go for the most part, now we just need the weather to cooperate. I do need a new boat though!!
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to all the current members. A friend tipped me off to this site not long ago. I got into big lake fishing about four years ago, and have been "making do" with my current rig, but have plans to upgrade my rig this spring, just as soon as I find a boat I like. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself. Ryan
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